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As part of my introduction to NetRider... I will post to the correct forums and not just in general

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ChileanSurg, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. As part of my introduction to NetRider...

    Hi folks!

    As I continue to introduce myself I post here two videos of some of my rides in Chile.

    The first is Santiago - Cordoba - Santiago (crossing the Andes to Argentina and back, roughly 3500 kms in 5 days)


    and the second one was Santiago - ConcepciĆ³n - Santiago, riding through the epicenter of the Earthquake of March 2010, which had a magnitude of 8,9 in Richter scale, exactly 1 year after.

    Check for the black TDM 900 whose rider has a Blue Shark RSF2i Helmet, that's me! And looking forward to some great rides here in OZ! The Veefer needs to stretch its legs desperately!

  2. ...love the over enthusiastic moderating of the title. lol

    Welcome to NR mate.
  3. TDM 900 huh?
    Well you got me....:p

    Welcome buddy...
  4. Oops sorry about the wrong forum to post..... still a newbie I guess 8)