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"As long as you don't hit me."

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guru, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. OK so I went to fill up petrol today with my new bike and after filling up as I was paying, I asked the guy what the protocol is for bike riders, like do they want us to remove our helmets etc(i was curious after reading that thread on servo etiquette)

    His respose was rather strange and some what annoyed me. He looked at me and chuckled and said, "It doesnt really bother me so long as you dont hit me". Even though he was laughing as he said it I think he was semi serious. Friggen retardo attendant, I ask him a serious question and he gives me that as a response.

  2. What did you expect him to say? He has to deal with thieves, low-lifes, people doing runners and not paying and druggies after a fix, all for next to nothing per hour; why should he care?
  3. lighten up? haha..
  4. Yeah fair call, but I guess it just wasnt the answer I was expecting after asking a serious question. Just PM-ed you.
  5. If I were you I would have hit him :p
  6. Petrol fumes will do that to you :)
  7. maybe he thought you were going to rob him! :shock:
  8. Shoulda hit him.
  9. Most servos/banks etc have a sticker on the window for people to take their helmets off. Flip tops are no problem and are bloody useful too.

  10. Surely you're over-reacting... his response was perfectly appropriate. He answered your question, whats wrong with a little light hearted humour and an amicable nature?

    Or am I missing something, did he touch your hand and wink while saying that or something?
  11. rofl !!!! :p
  12. Haha sounds like the guys at my work they are complete retards at the best of times.

    Yeah he responded stupidly but most likely he was bored, you do get mega bored doing it (same thing over and over). Personally I entertain myself by asking about what they do etc... I've met John English (carefactor low however), the CEO of The Coffee Club and a bunch of AFL/NRL ex-players at work. But others tend to play games and say stupid crap (hitting on the chicks works sometimes too I'm told).

    Next time you go in keep the helmet on and say "give me the money in the till" then pause, repeat, pause again... wait... then say "just kidding hahaha".

    Yeah people stuff with me sometimes, so I get them back when I see them next. "Pump number 5 please stop sniffing the fuel as you fill your car" and everybody gives them dirty looks! Think it's funny to scare me at night do ya! ha... =D
  13. You're a riot! :LOL:
  14. Good to see some attendants with a sense of humor :LOL:
    Something that is lacking in these days of 'correctiveness'
  15. Guru....you still had your helmet on? Right?
  16. Who's the retardo?

    You asked a question, he answered politely and made some banter. You stood there like a numpty unable to keep up, and it bothered you to the extent that you came home, sat down behind your PC and started a thread about it.

    What a retardo response.
  17. you are from wolly though
  18. Nah, took my helmet and gloves off before fuelling up.
  19. You gotta be a little more thick skinned (IMO)
    Wait till the security guard at JB body searches you just coz you walk in with ur bike gear on!!
    Would that kinda reaction satisfy you?
  20. Spot on Quarter! The threads appearing round here at the moment are seriously doing my head in :tantrum: This is almost up there with 'which glove do I put on first'

    Grow a sense of bloody humour mate and have a cup of concrete before you step out from behind your Mums skirt and venture out into the big wide world :roll: