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As if we don't have enough to deal with on the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/is-new-hummer-a-bummer/2006/10/26/1161749241621.html

  2. I want one now.
  3. For 'Australia's varied off-road environments' read 'taking the kids to school'... but still, the Hummers have become kind of a totem for all that's wrong, and there are other 4bys out there with bigger engines and arguably thirstier. Part of the problem is 'argument by icon' instead of facts (like safety and fuel use stats).
  4. Pfft.. My Commodore has a bigger motor than that (let alone the Landcruiser!)

    Crap. The Humvee is, the H3 is definitely not.

    :LOL: I'm more likely to roll a Hiace than this thing.. :LOL: :LOL:

    :shock: I wouldn't take it off road! Wouldn't get far anyway.. :wink:

    Bloody Scruby and his fanatical followers.. :roll:
  5. I love the way they quote Scruby as though the PCA is some huge and powerful organisation, rather than a one man rent-a-quote.
  6. I'II have it's big brother thanks :grin: :cool:
  7. I think he is overreacting. The H3 is not a full size hummer and would prob be no worse for size and fuel consumption than any landcruiser or patrol out there.
  8. I think everyone is missing the big point here. The H3 is. Absolutely. Positively. Incredibly. Hideous. Eye-gouging-with-a-rusty-spork. UGLY!!!!!!
  9. Lol.
    It lookes like a fat Jeep.

    Any way it's not the 4X4 thats the problem, it's the mentality of the fool that buys it!

    EDIT: one of these that is... Do they buy them to feel safe? Or as a symbol??
    Dunnoo... I like my little bike more than any ferrari/humvee...
  10. Yup..

    Some size comparisons:

    GU IV Patrol:
    length: 5050
    wheelbase: 2970
    width: 1940
    height: 1855

    Toyota 100 Series:
    length: 4890mm
    wheelbase 2850mm
    width: 1940mm
    height: 1970mm

    Hummer H3:
    Length 4765mm
    Wheelbase: 2842mm
    width: 1896mm
    height: 1893mm

    So, overall the H3 smaller than a 100 series Landcruiser or a Patrol.
  11. Canyenaro...........
  12. Hell yeah I can name the truck that's 4-wheel drive, smells like a steak and seats 35!

    12 yards long, 2 lanes wide, 64 tonnes of American pride!

    Scruby is a 'tard. I will happily take him for a drive in my Hilux to prove just how difficult it is to roll a 4WD.

    ... mmmm... sideways.
  13. Not quite the response you were expecting eh Spud Gun? :LOL: Everyone loves it!

    I'd buy one if I were a rich man, I'd tow the bike with it and be the meanest motherf*cker at the racetrack :twisted:
  14. Take one of these and get a mate to drive it in front of you while riding the bike so any pricks infront of you will just bounce off and not give you any hastle. Mind you so long as you don't mind sitting behind a boat doing a top speed of 60 kph. :)
  15. I know of an earler model living in sandybay in tasmaina... the fcuking thing is so large that in a princess st ( no reflection on its owner :p ) when it parked you would have to cross completley int the oncoming traffic before making it up the street...

    It was never designed as a soccor mum 4wd.... thats rav4's and most other city 4wd's....
  16. Bet they don't sell too well, too outdated. The Colorado boots set wil lap them up though!
    I wonder what it will do to GM's Suburban sales in Australia..will it compete or attract a different crowd? Surely wouldn't buy one for towing with a 3.7 litre donk.
    Good to see automakers caring about our dwindling resources and environment!
    Heard an interesting piece of information the other day, the US fleet average fuel economy figures today are worse than when teh Model T Ford was being built......mmmm, progress!
    Personally, I like my cars to go around corners and handle, plus get decent fuel economy and be cheap to maintain but that's just my crazy, weird thinking.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. I'd happily have another 4x4, but honestly the H3 isn't a good 4x4. It's an urban yuppie status symbol.

    4x4's should have ladder chassis, seperate front and rear diffs, high/low range gearboxes and diesel motors :)
  18. What? You want to take your 4 wheel drive OFF ROAD!?!?? It might get dirty or scratched! :grin:
    I jsut don't understand people wanting to use these things for their intended purpose, I mean, I was considering buying a prime mover for commutng.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. My thoughts exactly.
    Does this beast cover any of these basses let alone all of them.
    Other than the Diesel motor a Vitara covers all of these (And you can get diesel models in england and South America (I'm assuming other places as well)) So a vitara is actually a better built 4WD than most of the toorak tractors on the road (At least a pre 06 Model because this year the rooted it up compleatly)

    I will have to say the footprint on the h3 looks nice for going off road, but is it built properly?
  20. I'll vouch for that!