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As if drivers didn't have enough distractions... movie ticket reservations and more while driving!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20120114/BUSINESS09/120114022/SmartCars-coming-Can-roads-remain-safe-?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|Home

  2. Hopefully it will be like the TV's in the high end cars in that they only work while stopped and in Park or accessible by passengers only.
  3. Or it could be like on how some of the BMW riders have it set up, where they can book motels and such without having to even slow down.
  4. Hmm... If these things get on the road ( and I really hope they don't), I wonder how hard it would be to hack to hack the net on these things? Every time they try to use the net it redirects to a video that keeps looping... maybe the crazy frog?

    Or a bot that recognises nearby places and what the car is doing... use the GPS then nag like an old woman "Oooh slow down dear you're going to fast!" "Hurry up we're going to be late!" "McDonald's? Keep driveing! Or get out and walk dear." *Full volume*"A STRIP CLUB? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO AT A STRIP CLUB!?!?!" "Are weeeeee theeeeereeeeee yet?"
  5. accessible only in park/with handbrake is easy to get around, it's a simple rerouting of a wire.
    passenger only is hard to do unless you have a weight sensing seat like volvos use for the passenger seatbelt. plus people don't always carry passengers to use the services. personally i vote they make cars with signal jammers so phones/pda etc fail entirely until the engine is shut off

    side note: QLD department of traffic and main roads have recently announced they use twitter for live traffic updates, which you would need when you're already on the road
    and presumably access from your mobile phone.
    while driving.
  6. Its bad enough in America that if you have a Garmin GPS you get damn ads on the screen all the time. I guess the others do too.
  7. BUT........

    What about for those who have not gotten into thier car/bike yet.

    Many a time I've heard a traffic report while still at my desk and decided not to go home on the Tulla/Calder Freeway due to hearing about a problem.
  8. The article mentions steering wheel controls.. Based on that, I think it will be available to use by the driver while the car is in motion....

    scary stuff....
  9. The US government is apparently aware of the increasing risks of unrestricted smart phone use on the roads:

    Commercial drivers are already banned from using phones at all in some US states. Couple of weeks ago a draft bill was released in the US that is looking at a blanket ban on 'cell phone' use from all vehicles. (Not that it has a hope in hell of getting through).
  10. When I was selling Car Audio a few years ago, We were the only Car Stereo store that would insist on hooking up the Park Brake wire so people's new In Dash DVD system would only show a Picture while parked and with the Park Brake on. Every other Shop in town would gladly bypass the wire for you for free or for a small fee.

    We were losing sales because of it, and the Stores Manager was not happy, but as I said to him think about the consequences if we don't hook it up, someone crashes and then investigations begin, someone will be blamed, it won't matter that the Driver should not have been looking at the Latest Steven Seagal movie while hurtling down the Highway, it will fall back to who ever installed it.

    I know of one Car Audio Business/Retailer in Brisbane that was getting hauled over the Coals for that very thing just as I got out of the Industry 2 years ago, no wire connected, Driver crashed Car, Police found the In Dash Screen was displaying a movie at the time. Never did hear the final outcome but I can only assume it ended badly for the Shop/business involved.