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As I am the rider I am to blame.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ward_4e, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. but it still fecking burns... +1 drop. :roll: Last night around 5:30 after a sucessful trip to super cheap I love tool stores you start to think of all the little projects you can do ... I was riding through the carpark. No problems what so ever having a ball wondering how I was going to do my airbox mod.

    Going less than 40 heading to the exit leaning around the divider a bright green common-wh0re ute is in my lane 5m in front of me doing 60 towards me.

    My survival instincts kick in. :cry: why must we have survival instincts the just scew us up.

    I notice I am doing less than 40.
    I tense up a little and move my weight to the front.
    I miss judge my lean angle.
    I notice the CUB* is looking left to the char crap chicken pit and not ahead where I am.
    I notice he isnt slowing down and really doesn't care.
    I start to brake and swerve to miss.
    I notice the I have no grip front or rear.... oh sh!t.
    I notice that the palm trees really look good against the evening sky...

    I slide 2m on my ass and my TT does a further 2 on its side but we both miss the bogan in his green crap arse ute. Who promptly stops his ute where I was 1/2 a second ago.. gives me a look as if to say "where did you come from" then he gets out checks his car for marks and drives to the bbq hut.

    In the time it takes him to park walk inside I have got my bike up checked the amount of rash and checked the bike over and have just started getting control of my adrenaline... Took my hemet off and thank god I didnt get hit. Because if he had hit me in my lane in the carpark I could have claimed the dammage on him!!! GOD DAMN IT!!! CANT I GET A FCUKING BREAK...

    said bogan then wanders across to check to see if i was ok and explain that he blah blah blah lost job blah blah blah was thinking of other things YEAH I KNOW FCUKING CHICKEN!!! not the road where your ment to be looking you stupid 75IQ point card puching dumb ass!!! blah blah has mate......

    screw it, so much for my only good looking side panel. Days like today i have totaly had it with bikes...

    Leason 1 : I learned is while leaning at low speeds either lean harder to miss an object. forget your brakes the cause you to stop and drop or skip and slide..

    Leason 2: A big guy on a big yellow bike is invisable and road rules a void when compared to the all powerful magic taste sensation of a $2 chicken burger...

    my life in a can.

    edit: CUB = Cashed Up Bogan.
  2. You are definately having a bad run....

    Bike still OK for the Adv course this weekend? Hope so cos that will really help in those situations.

  3. That sucks dude :(

    Almost makes you wish you had a really crappy bike and an air-bag jacket to teach these pricks a financial lesson :evil:

    Did you get on the horn or were you busy dodging?
  4. I'm sure insurance is void in most car parks, glad to here your ok and the bike
  5. yeah new set of indicators and a large bit of hurt pride and I can go. jj

    no too busy trying to dodge... any how the triumph standard horn sounds like an asthmatic door mouse blowing a trupet while you wear earmuffs...

    BTW JJ dual tone air horns on motorccyles are illegal and you want get a rwc with them fitted.
  6. So did you get his plate and did you call the cops re his leaving the scene of an accident?

    I would be sending a letter of demand as he through being on the wrong side of teh road caused you to take evasive action.

    Call it what you like, but the Prick probably needs more than a little scare to teach him a leason.
  7. No it's not. Carparks are considered public streets as they are accessible TO THE PUBLIC.

    Sounds like he has a case to get his insurants to go his....
  8. If its much damage I'd try to get him to pay, and he already accepted blame when he apologised. If its not much damage then probably not worth the effort.

    As for car parks, the void thing goes to the owner of the carpark - they take no responsibility for damage incurred, enter at your own risk kind of thing. Different story for other cars though.
  9. Yeah, i've never heard of car parks being excluded from insurance policies. In fact i bet a majority of claims come from car park incidents.
  10. S##t bad luck. I don't what else to say, if you'd hit him you could at least have had clearer case for cost recovery, but that is not worth the other possibilities.
  11. Though Nothing remind you that you have screwed up better than a bill.
  12. dammage, dammage? yep and brused ego. Its all over I am looking at two second hand fairings that could fix the problem one is in the us one is up in brisbane. Unfortunaly the cheaper one is blue... mmm nope blue and yellow not a good mix

    Complete list of parts:

    indicators: $30
    left side fairing: $125 blue to $225 yellow ebay aus and us
    left miror: $70 pair ebay usa
    left engine casing: $90 triumph Teammoto

    so $425 back to here I was if I bought it all without fixing anything. I am now ordering a full set of frame sliders from skyking including clutch sliders.

    the left engine casing is getting a sand and metal putty treatment and some hi temp paint as is the left casing. $0

    Left side mirror... meh still works its cosmetic will do till later: $0
    total: $255.. I can live with.
  13. wouldn't a horn have been more useful?
  14. Got a source for this?

    I've just checked the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 1999 (Vic), and the regulation dealing with the requirement to have a horn doesn't single motorcycles out - or say anything about air horns (dual note or otherwise).

    I think the equivalent Regs in other states are largely identical.

    Maybe there's something in the ADRs?
  15. NSW at least:

  16. hold on one second... the bastards have moved it!!! doa search....
    and section 2 has: dual air horns are acceptable but must be of a single note.

    SO aslong as you have it tuned to single note your fine... i thought his little natulus was a dual note...
  17. geeze wardie - and u r plannin on takin me for a learner's ride? :LOL: :LOL:

    what with u missin cars in car parks, and me hittin cars in driveways - i reckon on the open road we'll both be safe :LOL: :LOL:

    sorry to hear bout ur accident though.
  18. That really sucks, sorry to hear it. I hope you get the bike sorted out soon. Beware of bogans!
  19. who says they'll be there when undergoing a RWC inspection :wink:

    I think the intent of the legislation is to stop people fitting the musical horns, (ie bogan dixie tunes) and the "AAA-OOOOO-GAAAH" horn I have on the Subaru.

    As both notes of the nautilus play at the same time, the effect is just loud noise. Just as the "dual tone" electric horns fitted standard to 99.99% of cars

    "The device must not be louder than is necessary so the driver, and a person near the vehicle, can hear the device when it is operating."

    Bloody amazing.. why bother with a horn then, cos if it's only capable of that, it has no chance of being heard inside another vehicle, with their aircon on, stereo blasting and mind in neutral.

    But Orificer, I can only just hear it when I got me helmet on!!!

    Save me from the rampant bureaucracy!!
  20. nah - we're everywhere........ :LOL: