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As green as they get!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 17SJS, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. A big hello to the Netrider community!

    I've been browsing around for a while, figured it was about time to join up, given I just got my learner's...so, here begins the journey of a guy whose experience with bikes so far is limited to 90cc pit bikes with Craig Dack at Conondale a year or so ago :grin:

    So anyway, wish me luck, warn me, whatever. Just say something!!!

  2. Hey J ! Welcome to NetRider and the wonderful world of twowheels !

    re: wish you luck? take a look at my sig :p
    Seek ... Ask ... Listen ... and You'll improve your chances of staying upright.
  3. Hey J, welcome to NR!
    Congratulations on getting your license too.
    I'm just starting on the journey with NO previous experience lol :grin:
    Good luck!
  4. Awesome, glad I'm not the only one! :LOL:

    VCM, thanks for the wise words - I've learnt a lot (in theory) from what I've been reading on here, so looking forward to getting on a bike and giving it a crack.

    So, here's a stupid newbie question for you - can someone confirm for me that i've got the controls right in my head - left foot for gears, right foot for rear brake, left hand clutch, right hand for front brake and throttle, correct?

    Figured I may as well look silly asking the question anonymously rather than at QRide :p

    Aside from that, thanks for the welcome, looking forward to my first knee down! :LOL:
  5. :nail: Spot On !

    PS: If you can use your right foot to change gears .. You are a LEGEND !!
    :rofl: :rofl:
  6. Don't tempt me :p Funny you should say that though - i've got an acquaintance who thought he could do that - decided he'd try to ride down the M1 facing backwards on his bike.

    Very, VERY lucky to have walked away from that spill with just a few scratches. Idiot :LOL:
  7. Yeah you got it mate.
    haha nice one VCM :LOL:
  8. ...or simply riding an old Royal Enfield (right-foot gear lever).
  9. im also a newbie and hav found a lot of tips, hints, rules to riding that i hope will keep me from spilling. So far soo good......
  10. Welcome aboard.. :grin: