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As Green as they come

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jeff_B82, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hi all, my name is Jeff (though the username probably already gave that away). My wife and I are about to get our L's and to be honest, I'm pretty excited. Neither of us have ridden a motorcycle before so it is a completely new experience for the both of us.

    I'm 32 and my wife is 43 (not a typo) and probable should have taken this step years ago but, better late then never. I look forward to learning from the wealth of experience and knowledge that is found in this community and hope that I shall be able to contribute some of my own in the future.

    We recently purchased a second hand Suzuki VL250 to learn on and it sits patiently in our garage for us to ride. Can't wait for the opportunity to take it out.

  2. A double welcome, then. For five years before my wife fell pregnant with our first child we rode everywhere together; although that was over thirty years ago and she no longer rides, we remember those years with great fondness.....
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  3. Welcome Jeff, and Mrs Jeff ;) When do you go for your L's ?
  4. Howdy and welcome Jeff_B82Jeff_B82 . How abouts Mrs Jeff get her own NR handle so she can join the other ladies in the Ma Cherie Forum? :)
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  5. Welcome Jeff, you're never too old, I learnt to ride at age 59 and I'm loving it!
  6. Welcome mate and other half, enjoy! Take it easy, don't get frustrated early on - plenty of resources here to tap into to help the learning to ride process.
  7. Thanks for the welcome messages guys and gals. Literally just booked our compulsory pre learners course for next Thursday at 11:30. Pumped

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  8. Welcome - as GoldenberriGoldenberri mentioned you should encourage your wife to join NR as well - lots of good advice and resources to be had - enjoy
  9. welcome aboard Jeff :] you even spell it the right way :]:] hope you and the missus have a great time
  10. Hi Jeff_B82Jeff_B82 & welcome. I am 30, and only just got my licence. Wish Ihave done this years ago.
  11. Good luck!
    You'll never look back.