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As big as can get...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Araid, May 18, 2012.

  1. Ok... I know there are allot of these new bike post with questions on what bike to get.:-({|=

    Some of these have answered some of my questions but i am still left with a few more. Please give any information as i am open to anything.

    Here is the situation:
    1.I am 24 years old and going for my L's. Sounds normal until you find out i am 1.95m tall and about 145kg. Yes i am on the heavy side. [-(

    2. Will be using the bike everyday for commuting to work and back. Looking for a weekend cruise as well.

    3. Price not really a pain but don’t want to go higher than 13K.

    What I know:
    No 250cc will do. Tested a mates and feels like a push bike under me.
    Like cruisers as they are comfortable and looks good for the bigger fellow.
    New vs. Old. Like new as long as it does not break the bank.

    Love the XV650 Classic but is it the only one out there worth looking at?
    GV650 looks good but don’t know anything about the brand. Any good?
    Other tips of the trade that might apply to me?

    Well can’t wait to hear what you have to share. Thanks
  2. A cruiser is not a good bike to commute on.

    A DR650 or KLR650 would be a better choice or maybe the XTZ660 since you have budget.

    If you must have a cruiser the XVS is your best choice.
  3. Hi there Araid, welcome to netrider.

    What you normally get from these sort of questions is that everybody presents their own choice of ride and vigorously defends it. That's perhaps not the 'advice' you were looking for.

    Personally, I'm a sports / hypersports bike rider, and love that category. I have ... mixed feelings about cruiser and customs and anything with high bars and a very low seat. I have ridden a few, and I didn't find them comfortable or capable. That's just me. What's right for you is something that you want, which is also capable of doing the job.

    Mate, I think you've presented and answered your own question already. You tried out a possible contender and found it completely inadequate. Good move. You've extrapolated logically that any bike of similar capacity is likely to suffer the same shortcomings. Excellent! I like you already. So keep going. Don't listen to any of us soapbox thieves and loudhailer jockies, go keep trying larger bikes that are LAMS approved and might do the job, until you find one you like. You're the one working to pay the interest, it might as well be something you enjoy.

    Don't sign anything until you've ridden it. Don't buy it because of the way it looks or sounds, or the way other people look when they're riding it. Buy it for the way it makes you feel when you ride it. ... If that involves the way you look in store windows as you pass, well, that's your call. I'd like the world to think that the way I look as I roll past on a ZX14 means nothing to me, but I'd be a liar. The point is, work out your priorities, work out your wants and needs, and then test as many different machines as you can to (a) find the one that comes closest to what you wanted, and (b) perhaps broaden your experience and perspective a bit. You might find the bike you like the best, comes from a whole different genre than the one you started looking at.
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  4. ^ what he said. I've been riding for nearly 40 years and in my humble opinion the advice is sound.
  5. Agree with kneedragon however include GSX650FU in your trials.
    I'm similar height and only 3kgs lighter so I know where your coming from.
    For 'me' it's what I should have got. Ended up riding one much later and realised my mistake too late.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I do think i am using the internet a bit too much with so many personal choices out there. There is another 3 weeks for me to chose a bike and will be spending allot more time testing and riding once I can.

    Do like the GSX650FU and will do a test on it and similar options.

    Also does anyone in Newcastle know the best places to start looking? There are many on the internet but witch one would you trust and recommend?
  7. Given your weight a cruiser would be an excellent idea because it's torque which will be nice on the commute.

    If you can afford to get something other than a Hyosung - such as the Yamaha - definitely do it, the quality is much better.

    The three basic riding positions / styles of bike are

    1.Leant forward, feet back - the sports bike

    2.Sitting upright ('sit up and beg'), feet neutrally below - the classic road bike, the trail bike

    3.Leant back, feet forward - the cruiser

    Number 1 kills my neck and wrists, number 2 kills my lower back. You have to work out what suits your body best, and it's important to do so if you care about wasting money on the wrong bike. Number 2 is a safer bet, as it's in between and matches what looks like a generally ergonomically ideal position, but some people will claim that the upright position leaves them with a sore neck at speed, so again it's relative. Do you have a tendency to pain or tension in any particular area of your body?

    Again, what feeling do you want the bike to give you, what riding style / aesthetic are you seeking? Adrenalin and performance? Chilled out cruising? A do-it-all approach?

    Again, this match between sitting positions and bike styles is a crude generalisation. For example, various Moto Guzzi cruisers have the no.2 riding position, as do some sports bikes, while some upright road bikes have more of no.1 than you'd think by looking at them.
  8. I am about 1.98m tall and not too far off you in weight. I recently had a XVS650 classic as a loan bike while my KTM was in being serviced.

    I put about 200km on it, like an extended test ride. It was a great bike, and I would say very learner friendly.

    If you like the style/seating position/price etc then your bet is to go out and ride one.

    If you cannot ride one with your licence situation, then spend as long as you can sitting on one in the shops.
    One thing to look out for is the bars hitting your knees as you corner. I had to adopt a weird style where I would poke my knee out as far as I could before I would move the bars. This could be alleviated by turning the bars up higher (not an option to me as it was the shops bike) or even different bars if you feel the need.

    Power was adequate and never left me in a bad situation. Sure I would like more, but don't we all?

    A decent set of pipes and most people would not pick it from the 1100.

    Sounds like you are on the right track mate.

  9. KD - really does know what he's taking about - I'd take his advice (and have in the past) without hesitation....

    That said the bikes VC mentioned are weapons for the commute (y)
  10. Great response thanks. I have a clear view of how to make some choices.

    I like the cruising style thus far but as for feel and ride i will have to do some testing. I have only been on a style 2 cruiser as you said and some off road bikes. Will have to go in with a clear mind and look at it from a open perspective.

    Thanks for clearing my mind. All advice will be taken.
  11. Xtz660/xt660x
    Kawasaki Versys Lams
    suzuki SV650SU
    suzuki GSX650SU
    hyosung GT650
    hyosung GT650R
  12. I started on a 650 star and was very happy with it, I used it as a comute, feet flat on ground, easy to park. My hubby 180cm your weight rode it as well if he had to and dragged his sorry ass around no worries (he rides a 1400 suzi). Never had a days trouble out of it.
  13. Fixed :beer: