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As a driver do you ? ? ? ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2CUTE4U, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Occasionally, depending on the conditions

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  1. Hi All,

    Just thought i'd poll this question to see what 'motorcycle aware' drivers do.

    When you are in your car and see a motorcycle/scooter lane splitting or wanting to, do you move to the edge of your lane to allow enough room and wave them past ?
  2. Yes, I move over to the side to let them pass .
    As I would like them to do the same for me :)
  3. I always move over & wave them past, when cars do it for me i give them a wave too, just to show my appreciation. =0)

    It's nice when people are thanked for their efforts & thinking of us on bikes =0)
  4. Yes i would rather have a bike in front of me where i can see him then lurking beside me. Not going to try to beat them on acceleration so allow them enough space. They don't get in the way once they are in front of me, as they will continue to filter. Easier for all involved.

    Funny thing happened to me the other day actually. A guy in a brand new range rover saw me filtering through. He had those fancy electronic fold in side mirrors, he folded them inwards and waved me through. Ace, he got my nod :)
  5. I don't think you'll find many riders who will deliberately stop a fellow rider getting through.

    I always try to think along the lines of 'what would I want if I was in the other riders shoes'
  6. yes always.....why hold them up...the ones i won't are those tiny little farking unpowered scooters at lights that can't go above 50km/hr.....should be farking banned IMO. :mad:
  7. Did that 4 times already this morning :)
  8. Yep and I give em the thumbs up, wishing I was on the bike and could do the same!
  9. Same here !
  10. of course it makes me feel good too.

    Wheres the 3rd option for hubbie.

    3. I arrest them

    Lol i kid because i love
  11. most of the time i move over if i see the bike coming up before, but sometimes i get caught out and didn't see them get there.

    I don't understand why some drivers get narky about it, they were not holding you up before they filtered past, they will not hold you up after they have filtered....

    but i am always happy and give the cars a wave or nod if they move over for me =D
  12. Yup, sure do.... then I get annoyed that I'm in the car and can't do the same :LOL:
  13. Sure, why wouldn't you?
  14. I had a mate of mine (who doesn't ride) say to me one day that seeing bikes do that annoys the crap out of him because (in his words) "they're not waiting their turn" in the traffic like him.

    Try as I might he just wouldn't "get it" and only saw the fact that as more traffic got in front of him (meaning bikes) then his journey became longer and longer, whereas in all reality it didn't change in the slightest.

    That is attitude you're up against. :roll:
  15. +1 i've even had dickheads try and cut me off with their car to prove the point. Yes, lets cause serious injury to someone cause they didn't wait their turn in the 'queue'. Idiots.
  16. I think the answer from this forum is a foregone conclusion.

    Might be better to post this poll on "www.volvobloodydrivers.com/forums", that is if you can get past their safety checks! :grin:
  17. "filtering" yes, I will make room before i stop
    "splitting" No, when im moving at speed my lane is mine and if people want to try and share that lane good luck to them. Of course id never intensionaly cut anyone off or endanger a life, thats there choice
  18. I always let bikes go past me, sometimes cars too - I'd much rather they find the unmarked cop cars/speed cameras than me :grin: . Only exception is any bike that filters to the front that isn't actually faster than my car, I won't deliberately make life difficult but I'm not about to slow down and let them in either (obviously I'll make an exception if I think they'll crash).
  19. As they say when in Rome...when driving in my car I tend to like yelling at bike riders when the drive by... I move over to cut them off filtering... I sit an inch behind them in traffic... I usually pretend to swerve my car at them when they are next to me or coming the other way... ummm... I generally start making my phone calls for the day... whilst flicking my smoke at them. I enjoying putting my washer/wipers on when I notice a rider behind me... they love that. I usually remember not to use indicators and when I change lanes I make sure I do so erractically and across multiple lanes. Finally I make sure I give riders plenty of emergency breaking practice (I like seeing them out do my ABS) by pulling out in front of them or just breaking hard for the hell of it...
  20. It was obvious that 'yes' was going the be the majority.