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AS 1698 stickers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Following on from my thread about Simpson helmets and their apparent lack of AS1698 stickers I have a question.

    What specific actions would cause an AS1698 sticker to come off a helmet in such a form that it could be reapplied to another helmet leaving people none the wiser?

    It is important I know this information so that I can ensure that no helmet in my possession ever undergoes such treatment due to my ignorance of the dangers. I fear that were I to unwittingly perform these actions the sticker may find it's way into the hands of an unscruplous individual who may or may not wish to apply it to a non AS 1698 complied helmet in an attempt to decieve the authorities.
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  2. So what you are asking is how can you take the sticker off of a compliant helmet and stick it on one that isn't?

    Buggered if I know. Just had a look at mine and if you attempt to remove it you get "void" coming up in the sticker. Would be more hassle than it is worth.
  3. No, not at all. I would never suggest such a thing. :eek:

    ...well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :wink:
  4. then why start a thread aqbout it :)
  5. Why bother?? Seriously. I have now had 2 helmets without them. Bought in the US so only DOT approved. These two lids have spanned some 5yrs of riding on the road and many run ins with the police (TMU, TOG & standard form) Not once has question about my helmet been raised. I think this is such a non issue that even if you had a cop who found it didn't have one on it, you would not be fined (unless you were being a smart arse and that's the only thing he could get you for out of spite).
    Outside of that advice, if your still bent on getting one. Go to Peter Stevens and rip one off their new lids. The glue will be much easier to peel then your worn and weathered old lid.
  6. I heard around the traps that a hairdryer placed slightly above sticker for a period of time will help sticker become unsticked.
  7. Yeah, I'm considering not bothering but the helmet is VERY distinctive and crap like this just bugs me. Be nice to be able to just put it out of my mind.

    ...that or I need to be a less pedantic wimp :p
  8. AS 1698 standards a joke - basically the same thing as the DOT and Snell standards, but takes 10 times longer to get through the testing process (the Aussie Smoko is alive and well!) I reckon they should send a few of those AS boffins over the the US DOT testing centre with clipboards, where they can say, "yeah that pretty much what we do - let's just recognise DOT and go get real jobs"

  9. Yeah, from what I can see the helmet is SNELL M 1995, 2000 and SA 2000 complied as well as DOTS and ECE, not to mention tough as hell. It's not like it ain't safe.

    The big BIG plus with this helmet is it's SA 2000, HANS ready and has a Nomex interior which means it can be my only helmet (bike, car, kart, even drag if I wished) which would be a HUGE advantage as my Bell has seen better days at 5 1/2 years old.

    God damn I'm an indecisive git at times *ponders* Knowing what getting busted would help on the off chance it did happen.
  10. That works!! But leaves the word VOID all over the sticker, irreversably. :( :( :(
  11. There's a similiar thread in here where someone mentions that bicycle helmets also have AS stickers on them and they are fairly easy to get off :wink:
  12. I'm with Padros on that score...
  13. Yeah, I'm certainly leaning towards getting it at the moment.

    I'd just love to know the exact penalty for wearing a non AS approved helmet. Can't find anyone who can tell me including a highway patrol officer :?
  14. I cant help but assume it would be the same as not wearing a helmet, as in the eyes of the legislation, you might as well be wearing an approved helmet or none at all.
  15. .......I think what you are after is a printer that also does sticky address labels. They have the equipment to print on silver labels - just bring in your "design" and they will print it for you!
  16. ok here are some thoughts ( now i am only thinking these and not saying them )
    1. if you had the sewn in sticker inside the helmet , it would nt be to much off a problem , currently a court case underway as they had the stiched patch and not the sticker ....see how that comes out

    2. buy a bike helmet , transfer sticker over , unless you look up close you cant tell the differance.

    3. some swap meets etc , ask about they sell stickers (new ones) for such occassions

    I am not telling you to do this , just thinking that these could be done if you were that way inclined.
  17. I think you can get compliance stickers at some bike rallies or bike shows. Probably wouldn't convice the police if I put a sticker on a Kraut helmet though. Someone in another thread reckons the Kraut helmets area real cop magnet. :) Maybe I could get away with a beanie. I want a helmet a little more bad-ass-esque than my current "gay" helmet that is more suited to a Vespa. :) Haven't found one in Oz yet... only at bike shows and they are a bit expensive and still not compliant - might as well get one from the US.
  18. Geez i wonder who does those :?: :?: 8)
  19. A friend of mine is currently fighting a helmet case (refer groberts comment). He was booked for a non-compliant helmet despite the fact that it had a sewn in tag rather than a sticker (OK according to the Australian Standards).

    The cop was sitting behind him and noticed there wasn't any sticker visible. Even after the cop was shown the tag he still booked him.

    His lawyer is quite looking forward to it coming to court as he's fully expecting to get all costs so he's doing it on a no win no fee (and using an expensive barrister :roll: ). He's also looking forward to watching a cop get reamed out by the magistrate :LOL: :LOL:

    What surprised me was that when he pulled over for a non-compliant helmet the cop never bothered with the earth-shatteringly loud exhaust!

  20. I am bringing this topic back up because of the post by Mick in this thread (standards australia)
    Interesting - I just had a look throguh AS1698 and no where does it say that there needs to be a sticker on the outside of the helmet (as Tony said). It does say that it needs to have a certification mark that can be seen without taking anything off the helmet (i.e. not needing to remove padding), but does not designate what this should be.

    I then went to vicroads - they have an article in their 'safety tips for motorcyclists' (see this link - may not work due to the dynamic linking...) saying "Riders and pillions must wear an approved helmet with a sticker showing the Australian Standard AS 1698". But it does not say where that sticker law comes from.

    I then went to driver regulations from vicroads (see here). looking in demerit point section they have one for "Rider or passenger not wearing approved motorbike helmet or passenger improperly seated - RR 270(1), 271(3).

    So finally went to road rules to see what an approved helmet is -
    270(1): The rider of a motor bike that is moving, or is stationary but not parked, must— (a) wear an approved motor bike helmet securely fitted and fastened on the rider’s head; and (b) not ride with a passenger unless the passenger complies with subrule (2). (Sub rule 2: A passenger on a motor bike that is moving, or is stationary but not parked, must wear an approved motor bike helmet securely fitted and fastened on the passenger’s head.) ** approved motor bike helmet means a protective helmet for motor bike riders that is approved, by the Corporation by notice in the Government Gazette;
    271(3) (talks about sitting on a bike).

    Then I looked into the 'Victorian Government Gazette' - this version is of interest. It says that helmets must comply with roads corporation, and the roads corporation representative only said that the helmet must be marked - not necessarily with a sticker. (I also looked at the national one without any luck).

    I wonder where that sticker becomes 'law'?