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Aryton Senna Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tmwt, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. I am interested in getting a helmet that is in a similar to design to Ayrton Senna's for my motobike. Anyone know of someone that stocks this in Oz? All my google searches are not producing much more than miniature replica helmets. I'm actually after one you can use.

  2. like this ?

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  3. Yep, or even just the design without all the sponsorship.
  4. buy a yellow helmet and make it yourself
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  5. I'd suggest getting one without the big dent in it.
  6. bahahahah snort snort guffaw chuckle
  7. well played sir, well played
  8. Seems like an expensive option to get one airbrushed. Think that someone out there would make helmets with F1 designs?

    Cheers for the link to win one. Seems like the cheapest option. :)

    How about stickers? I could get the yellow helmet and place some green stickers on it I guess. Just need to find the right ones.
  9. whats so different about Aryton Senna's helmet to a regular run of the mill helmet?
  10. I just like the design and I remember growing up as a kid waking up in the middle of the night to watch him race, when F1 was good. Just a personal choice.
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    Why dont you contact the people running that comp aand see who did that one for them? You could buy one from the same mob perhaps.

    Mate, too soon. Too oon. :LOL:

    Seriously thugh those were the "good old days" of F1.

    My two favourite drivers - Senna for raw talent and Mansell just coz he was the most unlikely F1 driver I could imagine (and he wasn't slow either).

    Plus of couse, Murray Walker doing the commentary...

    "Spin! Spin! Spin!"

  12. Going back perhaps a year or two further, I always liked Martin Brundle 'cos, just occasionally, he made a 3l Cosworth powered car competitive against the turbos.
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