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Article, where do I submit?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Phuketrider, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I've done several articles on biking in South Thailand. Any magazine where I can submit these?

  2. Post them up here. I love Thailand and wouldnt mind reading them.
  3. Australian Road Rider might be interested.
  4. Try to get in contact with these guys:
  5. Article

    Thanx for the info, I will post here and I will contact the addresses.
  6. I have - twice - but no reply from admin. Perhaps someone knows someone that can get things sorted.
  7. Being a Thai local, and not just another ferang, you might get some feedback if you emphasised this point. I have ridden around Phuket but would not know 1/10th of the roads you do, local knowledge n all that. I would play that angle.
    I have tried submitting some articles before, to above mentioned mags. The response I got was they have printed pretty much most things, seeing as us motorcycling riders are a reasonably adventurous bunch, there aint a whole heap of journies on this planet that aint been undertaken at 1 time or another. Well there are still plenty to be had, but it has to be a rather adventurous or unique ride for them to print it. And we aint all got sponsored BMW bikes, gear and camera crews, to document our adventures.

    Oh BTW, it took them about 6 months to get back to me, :? I kid you not