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Article: Motorcyclist dies in road-rage incident (USA)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. "A motorcyclist was killed and a fellow rider injured in a road-rage incident Sunday night near Hartly.

    State police are searching for two white males driving a two-tone brown Chevrolet Suburban, of a model between 1985 and 1995, last seen speeding north on Del. 11 north of Hartly.

    Joseph D. August, 40, of Smyrna, was killed and Matthew M. Passwaters, 44, of Bear, was injured when the Suburban ran each of them off the road.

    August, who slammed into a tree head-on, was pronounced dead at the scene. Passwaters was treated for a hand injury at Kent General Hospital in Dover.

    State police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Oldham said the incident began when the Chevrolet Suburban, traveling west on Del. 44, failed to fully stop at a stop sign and cut off the motorcycle riders as they turned left from eastbound Del. 44 to northbound Del. 11.

    Oldham said the Suburban’s driver made an insulting hand gesture toward the motorcycle riders. The two cyclists turned around and stopped on the westbound shoulder while the Suburban driver stopped in the westbound lane, Oldham said.

    “Apparently, there was a verbal altercation,” Oldham said. “During the altercation, August kicked off the vehicle’s passenger side mirror and Passwaters banged on the window. The two in the Suburban did not get out.”

    At that point, the cyclists turned onto northbound Del. 11 and resumed their ride. The Suburban drove west on Del. 44.

    About three miles away, Passwaters, who was following August, noticed the Suburban was tailing them, Oldham said. Passwaters pulled up alongside August and alerted him before pulling ahead of him. The Suburban hit August, forcing him off the east edge of the road where he and his motorcycle hit the tree.

    Then the Suburban hit Passwaters’ motorcycle, forcing him into a field. The Suburban then sped off.

    Investigators are treating the case as a homicide. Anyone with information on the Suburban or its operator is urged to call Troop 3 at 697-4454 or Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333.

    Neither cyclist was wearing a helmet, police said. The fatality is the 12th involving a motorcycle in the state this year, seven more than by this time last year."

    Refer: http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050815/NEWS01/50815008

  2. at least the guy didn't value his life anyway, not bothering to wear a helmet. $*(@head.

    as for the people in the car, i hope the driver gets life in prison and ends up in a cell with a hells angels member.
  3. That sickens me!!

    At least the cops see it as what it is... homocide
  4. But it does reinforce what's been said lately in here about only doing things when you're cool.

    Kicking off their mirror may satisfy your urge for revenge, but when you're riding a vehicle that leaves you so exposed, it does rather attract the sort of road rage and that happened here.

    Now, before anyone flames me, I don't condone what the driver did, but if the rider had just given him a verbal serve and ridden off, I wonder if the result would have been less tragic???

    Maybe not, but probably.
  5. Why even bother with yelling at them, though?

    If they're thick and hostile, they'll interpret being yelled at in same terms as they would having their antenna snapped off at the base; "Yawannagocahn?!?", at which point they'll proceed to answer the question for you in the affirmative.

    If, on the other hand, they're thick and docile, their reaction will be "But, what might I have done wrong?"

    You, as a chance-encountered stranger, can't change these people's attitudes; the most you can hope for is to break something sufficiently substantial over their heads to put them out of action and, thus, temporarily remove their capacity, if not the inclination, for getting in reasonable people's way.

    Best to just accept that there are idiots on the road and to expend your energies on developing reflexes for spotting and dodging them, instead of devising withering putdowns to send whistling over their heads when they cut you off.
  6. I think all RC was trying to say is they should have left it at yelling at them!! I don't think that he was implying that verbally abusing someone is what you should do, just that in the case of these two riders they should have left it at the yelling and nothing else may have occured.
  7. Yeesh helmet or no helmet, no-one deserves to be run off the road by a homocidal maniac.
  8. “During the altercation, August kicked off the vehicle’s passenger side mirror and Passwaters banged on the window. The two in the Suburban did not get out.”

    Kicked the mirror off a Suburban assult veichle, thats a high kick.

    I saw a guide on good guns for motorcyclists and how to use them posted in some forum, crazy place that USA is :?
    The sad thing is Australia seems to be following in their footprints.

    A landcruiser tried to attack me for spliting in front of it at the lights once, psycho. They need a 3 ton tank to feel like real men.
  9. No. What he said was, and I
    He's explicitly wondering out loud whether just yelling at the occupants of the Suburban would've got them less aggressive than pounding on their vehicle from the outside.

    To that, I add that I firmly contend that no, the result most likely wouldn't have been any less tragic, as someone who can fly so far off the handle that they deliberately tail and run someone off the road probably isn't going to need much to set them off.

    Again, no. Since he opens his post with
    , ie. a clear reflection on the general mindstate of the generic rider wronged in traffic, his scope would appear to extend beyond just the incident at hand.

    He (for once, pointedly) wandered away from the incident at hand and wondered about the broader implications. I threw in my 2 cents.
  10. Exactly my point. If they'd just left it at a verbal serve than they may not have gotten agressive, i.e.to use RC's words: "the result would have been less tragic", hence my use of the word MAY
    So are you saying that you would react the exact same way if you did something i didn't like and i called you a dickhead OR i punched you in the face??? i don't think so.

    Yes it does appear to extend beyond. In other words, maybe they should not reacted the way in which they did, as it ultimately may have brought about their demise. Maybe they should have let their tempers cool before reacting it such a manner. This can apply to any rider in saying that you shouldn't react when your a so angry as you may do something you regret or which will come back and bite you. You should let yourself calm down and get cool and level headed.

  11. Careful, now. The question here isn't how_I_would react, but how someone "who can fly so far off the handle" as to "deliberately tail and run someone off the road" would. You're not putting yourself into this situation. You're putting yourself into the mind of someone who doesn't think and, consequently, doesn't empathise.

    See where you state "react the exact same way if you did something I didn't like"? Mistake number one; a sociopath of relatively low intelligence doesn't think in terms of their phuqup/someone else's inconvenience. There's only them going about what they see as their business and people they perceive as being in their way. As far as they're concerned, they don't make mistakes; they simply don't consider events that deeply. Their, or other people's motivations don't come into it. You get in their way, their response is, again, "Yawannagocahn?!?". It's that simple. Stimulus/response, and both the "loud cursing" and "thrown punch" stimuli map to the "Yawannagocahn?!?" response.

    You, quite literally, cannot hope to bring them around, because there's, practically, no mental circuitry there to rewire.

    That's why I say, if you're not prepared to break that circuitry, you're best off not provoking them at all. They can't be taught. They can only be stopped or avoided, and, since I lack the pathology to become some kind of stunted dimwit-culling vigilante, I opt for the latter alternative.
  12. So true. Road rage is not a 'momentary' thing - the only thing it can do in a short space of time is escalate. Cooling off is the only way to deal with it, get yourself as far away from the situation as possible, you can't teach them a lesson, they will rile up just as much as you. Sometimes it can take hours for the anger/adrenaline response to slow down and reasonable thinking to return.
  13. People with road rage are latent bombs, waiting for a detonator. The blokes on the bike took a driving incident as a personal slight and acted accordingly. Stupid move when you're driving a vulnerable vehicle. They then compounded their pointless behaviour by damaging the truck. Stupid move, and illegal, and after the dust has settled on the broader matter, the surviving rider will undoubteldy be sued for damages, and rightly so.
    The guys in the truck at first acted corrrectly by not getting out of the car and responding to the bikers' attack on them and the vehicle. But then they snapped too, and the rest we know.
    Of course, we haven't been told how many of the players had been drinking, using drugs, or both, but as soon as the bikers decided to react to a simple traffic incident in the way that they did, it was always likely to end in tragedy.