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Article from October 05 Two Wheels...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FondaHonda, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. I am chasing a copy of an article out of the October copy of Two Wheels.
    I know that I could send away and get one from FPC as I am a current subscriber but I need this in a hurry as I am about to purchase another bike this week :shock: and dont wish to wait.

    If you have a copy of this magazine; i'd love to get hold of the test in it.
    Fax, photocopy, etc would be fine.

    Could you email me offline or ph 0408 083707.

    Thanks David.
  2. What article are you after David?
  3. I am after an article featuring a test on the Yamaha FZ 1
  4. OMG!! if I had of known on Saturday I could have sent it to you.. We just did a big throw out as we are moving soon.. I had so many copies of two wheels and now they are gone :(

  5. Lizzie oh Lizzie...

    I have my rubber gloves on hand where is that bin with all your discarded valuables :p
  6. Did you try ringing them? I'd be surprised if they wouldn't email a PDF/scan of a single back article to current subscribers, in times of need.
  7. Try some FZ1 forums, you may be lucky.
  8. Hey, Ive got a Motorcycle Trader (Oct 28 '05) with a FZ1 test. You want a copy PM and I'll fax it tomorrow
  9. Check your local library. I don't know where you're situated, but the Mornington Peninsula library has Two Wheels in there catalogue.
  10. Thanks for all the advice...I have spoken with Two Wheels and should be able to arrange sourcing some back issues.

    Thanks Resurrection too, I will definately email you and take up youor kind offer.
  11. By the way Jason are you enjoying your FZ 6? It seems you have been "experimenting" with a range of bikes. VFR800, VTR1000 and now moving away from Honda and onto a Yamaha 600.

    They are a stunning looking bike...Nice to ride too?
  12. If you're still having trouble by the end of the day, let me know and I will bring the issue to work with me tomorrow and send u a pdf of the story.