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Article: Biker dead for hours before discovery

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/news/natio...efore-discovery/2006/02/09/1139379613593.html

    A motorbike rider killed in Sunbury this morning may have lain dead beside a main road for almost five hours before his body was discovered, police believe.

    The body of the rider, a 30-year-old man from Taylors Hill, was found on Horne Street about 6.30am by people arriving for work at a nearby factory.

    His body and Yamaha motorbike were located about 100 metres north of the Mitchells Lane intersection, near the Red Rooster restaurant.

    "He was found by people going to work at a nearby building, and they called triple-0," Metropolitan Ambulance Service spokeswoman Christina Hocking said.

    "He's believed to have come off his bike sometime earlier this morning."

    Investigators believe the ran off the road after losing control of the motorbike but have not ruled out the involvement of another vehicle.

    Police spokeswoman Stacey Mair said the man may have died as early as 2am.

    The stretch of road where the man's body was found is the major link between Sunbury and the nearby Calder Freeway.

    His name has not yet been released. A report on the incident is being prepared for the coroner.

    Any witnesses to the incident are asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
  2. Condolences to family and friends :(
  3. that countdown smiley looks real appropriate at the bottom of ur posts in this thread
  4. RIP and condolences :(

    Its an avatar, troll. Not at all thread related.
  5. Tis sad, condolenses to the family :(
  6. Weird time to be out riding, particularly in that area. There would be quite a lot of wildlife out and poor visibility, chances are he crashed trying to avoid a bunny.
  7. Funny place to end up. :?

    Melways Ref is 382 C6 - It looks like he came around a left hand sweeper and ended up on the left hand side of the road - I assume he was heading north along Vinyard Rd. The road divides north of Mitchells Lane where Vinyard changes into Horne and the median strip starts.

    I wonder if we will ever find out any more than what is in the news report - I doubt it.... :( :(
  8. R.I.P Bruce Lee, my heart goes out to you Princess Fiona, a very sad day.
  9. I really feel for the family, i cant begin to imagine the pain of knowing a relative died doing something they love, tradgic.
  10. geez, thats awful..
  11. Yeah of course spud im just saying when I read his post this little dancing laughing smiley is jumping out at me.

    But yeah very sad. curious what happened
  12. Two days prior to this I was travelling on that very part of that road, which was covered with fine sandy gravel from roadworks that had happened that day. The gravel didn't quite go up as far as Red Rooster though. I'm just wondering if that was a contributor.
  13. I'll give it a few weeks and see if a mate of mine up that way has heard anything official as to what happened by then (he usually does).
  14. I hope the poor guy died quickly at least... it would have been terrible to lie there for hours before passing away :(
  15. i read this in the paper today (herald sun) was a small 10 liner page filler on the 432nd page.. you'd think that someones lfe being lost while lying on the side of the road might get a little more attention. on the front page, they had a little boy who lost his eyes to cancer, but survived.. good on him and all, but the rider down deserves more than a little article..

    RIP.. condolences to the family.