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Arthurs Seat, worth a look?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Had a look on the map & it only appears to be about 2klms of twistys, is there more to it?

    Are there some good roads to & from?

    I'm thinking of jumping on the ferry from Queenscliffe one day & checking it out...

  2. Yes thats just the road up and down
    there are several other minor roads up and about, the ride to flinders being one and lunch at the flinders pub there are side roads off at the top as well as red hills.
  3. Watch the 35 marked hairpins, catch a lot of people out.
  4. Cool, that's for the info guys.
  5. Quite steep and lots of super-tight hairpins which fold in on themselves to create miniature black holes. Nice view from the lookouts though!
  6. Yep, steep and hairpins, and quite a short road. You see a few people doing laps from time to time... There is some nice riding around the peninsula, mostly south of Mornington.

    In summer watch for cops around Arthur's Seat on weekends, and the winery traffic can be interesting...
  7. Make sure the first run is a slow-ish one but hell fun road.

    As before, watch out for cops, they're a bit on the nose up there attitude wise IME (anti tourist, and everyone is a tourist).
  8. haven't done it with the bike yet, but it sure is winding. Good lookout stop too
  9. Think it's the second left hander which always catches me. Long way from Yarraville though for a short stretch of fun. But I guess you can ride it over and over.
  10. I find it quite hard to corner properly due to the huge camber on those hairpins.

    Any good way about it?
  11. My only advice would be that the wider you take the corner (staying inside your lane, of course), the less-steep corner will seem to be. I would personally avoid trying to "apex" the inside edge of the corner and instead follow a fairly wide line, provided nobody coming the other way is gonna wipe you out by cutting the corner on their side of the road.
  12. True, I was thinking of starting in Queenscliffe though, & continuing on to the Great Alpine Road, which I've also heard good things about.
  13. I have never shate myself so much over a bunch or corners as I have when tackling that biatch... Leave your bag of target fixation, white knuckling and SR tricks at home if you can. A few inititation laps would be a good idea and go at a really obscure time if you can to avoid icecream lickers and day trippers. Some days you feel like your getting better and better as the laps tick over and then other visits you just leave feeling totally drained and psyched out.
  14. The short answer is YES! here it is in slow time..with a few gratuitous shots too..Nah nanah nah nanah nah nanah nah....


    The ideal line is not always ideal..some of the surface is corrugated in spots,some of the corners are to be taken at the posted speed..they really should have a caveat like '15kp/h, I shit you not'. Do a granny run or two first,then up the fun factor as you see fit.

    From there take The Mornington/Flinders road to Flinders, stop for a great burger and giant vanilla slice at the shop opposite the Flinders pub...look for the shop that says 'Home of the World's biggest and best Vanilla slice'..and it is :D

    Take the Road out of Flinders towards Cape Schanck, Boneo Road..again with the granny run, there are a few corners with that nasty reducing radius that will catch you out.
    You can easily spend a day blatting around the peninsula, great views, some good roads, and a nice mix of easy as well as challenging stuff.
  15. great stuff.. really enjoyed how you took that corner at 2:01. Thats gets me every time and no matter how much I prepare for it, when the left peg scraps (through no expertise of own as its just the gradient of the up hill left hander that makes it happen) I shite myself and chop the throttle.. oh well, still heaps of fun.
  16. Thanks,this was done on the lil Hyo before the big end let go,on the GS it's a bit smoother and quicker. A few runs up and down help to get your eye in,as I said,the ideal line is not always ideal.