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Arthurs Seat - Honda Integra

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by cougs, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Not really a near miss, but if i had pulled out from the kerb 10 seconds earlier it would have been (or maybe not a miss).

    Was just pulling my gloves on ready to take off after a coffee up top of Arthurs Seat today when a crash test dummy came fanging round the corner from Red Hill side, all revs, squealing tyres and crossed up over the wheel.

    Obvious case of ambition far outweighing skill.

    Back end stepped out, collected the gutter & embankment behind him, spun back to the left where the front kissed the embankment and he lost an indicator & I think headlight as well before shooting back onto the wrong side then finally correcting and taking off.

    So - if you're a young bloke of middle eastern appearance and drive a white Honda Integra THL813 - you can count yourself lucky...it could easily have been a lot more serious.

  2. You just never know when a douche bag like that is just around the corner
  3. Nobody likes a dibber dobber.

    Get over yourself and take the poor bastard's rego down.
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  4. I've seen a young dude about my age do the same thing coming out of a left turn lane at a major intersection. Fishtailed through the turn, ended up loosing control, going over the gutter onto the nature strip and smashing the driver side door into a lamp pole. He was fine but the car was a write off and he hadn't even finished paying it off.
  5. Hey i might know him!!!! Did he have stickers on his head?

    ...and pics man, POST PICS!!! much better than rego. I can't laugh at rego.
  6. Why? If it serves warning for other people on the road, leave it up.

    The whole point of this forum is to voice near misses and or possible accidents, and you're telling him to stop being a dibber dobber? Why not just troll through this whole forum and say that to everyone that almost had an accident?

    Maybe check Mouth's post in the site discussion forum before you litter another post.
  7. hmm hoon hotline maybe?

    Probably needs a "chat" from some boys in blue, then again probably won't achieve anything till they do it again and kill or maim someone.
  8. Name and shame I say.

    Perhaps it was you?
  9. I've had two idiots do that right on front of me... one in his sick commo booted it aorund one of the Arthurs Seat hairpins on the way down and spun straight into the embankment, another in a sick honda on the big hairpin at Mt Dandy tourist road again going down, looped it into the oncoming traffic lane (luckily no-one coming). What can you do but shake your head and hope that WHEN they kill themselves they don't take anyone innocent with them.
  10. The odd time that i've come across these stupid twats, ( i find the whole drifting thing to be a stupid sport), i just openly laugh and point at them... (groan)
  11. On an unrelated note, here's a picture of my last drifting effort.
  12. In a Forester Phil???
  13. You know, sometimes people just get it wrong. It wouldn't be the first time someone has gone into a corner as per normal and come out the complete opposite of the normal.
    Integra is not a drifting car, its FWD.
  14. You bet. I was watching Top Gear last night and Ross Noble described the situation perfectly; "... was cornering on a dirt road and the back end started to overtake the front, then I realised I wasn't Colin Mcrae"

    Funny that, I used to own an integra and in the wet it's tail would get waggy going through roundabouts.

    And this is what happened to my car before last

    Bad things happen to people who drive cars. Which is why i ride :)
  15. Which is completely different to drifting. The mirage I drive did that too until the rear tyres got replaced.
  16. I stand corrected. My knowledge of drifting only goes as far as tapping spacebar whilst steering with the arrow kews.
  17. As a sport I'd agree, pretty stupid. It's a hell of a lot of fun though :D
  18. Bloke I knew back in the UK had a Lotus Elise and was pretty good at it. His motto was "Forwards is fastest, but sideways is best".