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Arthurs Seat and Mt Dandenong

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 10000_fists, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Hey guys i'm looking for some new roads to ride when i goto Arthurs Seat or Mt Dandenong as i really enjoy both roads but i'm sure there has to be more good roads around each area to ride. I live in the westurn suburbs of melbourne so its a a fair ride just there and back so i'm looking for a bit more to make each trip worth while.
    I'd prefer tighter twisties rather than open sweeping bend but it's not to important.
    Cheers guys

  2. Don't we all.
  3. Have you been up Mountain Hwy in the Dandenongs? A bit shorter than the tourist road but a lot more tight twisties.
  4. Are you also looking for roads that are have a strong police presence and a high volume of motorbike riders who drift into your lane when coming around corners?
  5. :LOL:
  6. Pretty much any one of the roads from Arthurs Seat to Flinders is a good ride. Just start exploring around there. Just be careful on Coolart Rd if you choose that as your way back from Flinders. It is a dangerous road.

    Enjoy. :grin:
  7. If thats the case do you have any other good suggestions?
  8. :roll: Help
  9. Fists, if you can cope with a sedate ride, join us on Sunday... check out the Vic events.
  10. in the west there are the brisbane ranges and there is a nice ride up to trentham
  11. If thats the case i'll have to get out the MelWays cos thats not so far from where i live.

    Cheers i'll check it out. i'm not to fussed if its sedate, after all i am only a learner still.
  12. VicRoads Directory would be better.

    Do a search on here for Daylesford or Trentham as there has been a few suggestion threads for that area over the past couple of years.

    twistngo beat me to it as I was going to suggest looking to the west rather than south, especially if you live on the better (west) side of town :p
  13. to get to trentham take the myrniong turnoff on the western highway and go up through greendale and blackwood to trentham. can keep going to drysdale and castlemaine.
    for the other you can take bulban rd out of weribee and follow the signs to fairy park (in anakie)
    this is a bit flat but pretty.
    from anakie head up to durdidwarrah then to meredith. I usually head to morrisons then mt egerton (roads not in that great a condition but a nice ride) to get to gordon (and hence ballan and the the western highway or trentham). you can explore a bit in there. (mt wallace, steiglitz)
  14. Cheers i'll have to sus out a vic roads directory then.

    I've been around trentham/blackwood area(in a car) but i really like it out that way. I honestly forgot all bout it, now that its brought to my attention i remember some road that will be sweet on the bike :grin: