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Arthur's Seat ( a quick spin)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by PNUCKLE, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. #1 PNUCKLE, Oct 14, 2006
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    Even tho i do this weekly. This is for those that haven't been yet...


    Enjoy :biker:
  2. that looks like fun. where is it? oh and it looks like your speedo gooone.
  3. I like the sound of the knee sliders dragging on the road.
  4. dam that looks like nice road too ride on.

    dont think i would go that fast though. maybe in a few more months or even years
  5. Nice vid PNUT :) . Looks like a nice run. I'll have to give that a go one day when the ability increases.
  6. Nice work PNUT :)
  7. I think that "quick spin" is an understatement. Love the knee scraping. Good job.
  8. Cheers ....I'll put another up when i figure out how too again :LOL: :LOL:
  9. *makes note to lend you my knee sliders* :grin:
  10. Nice work.

    1 suggestion, put a piece of sticky tape over the microphone and it will cut out a lot of the wind noise, but still pick up the engine an dother noises.

    Any vids or pics from todays outing ?
  11. Mate, you definitely have the "quick steering" drill down to a tee. Some of those tip ins were eye opening!

    All newbs who are worried about countersteering a bike right off its wheels should watch your vid and banish the fear forever more.

    Great work mate! :applause:
  12. Cheers peeps..But to be truthful i thought that was a pretty lame effort on my behalf.. :(

    Check the other one of Peninsula rd's out..I think thats much better :grin:
  13. Good show old man.
  14. Wish i had the balls to push the across down like that :shock:
  15. Damn you get low on those corners :!:

    Even the white ford got out of the way for you.
  16. Nice vids Deano. Yeah see if you can do something about the sound.
  17. Or a sock or a sweatband covering the mike will fix it
  18. im about 10 keens to see this clip. sucks that im on dial up :cry:

    EDIT: wow! it doesnt seem as if your going THAT fast untill you pass a car! but thats the same with all videos. i love the sounds that the VTRs make. some very nice riding there...you sir have some serious skills want to give them to me :wink: