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Art (skate/street) expo at fed square today sat 7/4/07

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by JL, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Hey peoples,

    Just putting it out there for those that may be interested -

    My lil' sisters bf has organised an art expo at fed square showcasing several melbourne artists (graphic designers, tatooists etc). It's called "No Comply" and the medium has been blank skate decks. This is it's 3rd year - the last two were at Revolver ("revolting" for those in the know) - and it's by far the biggest. You can also check out my old cage as it's in the expo as well and was in Mx on thursday. There's an afterparty at Honkys if any of you are into that kinda thing... Adios!

  2. I think we'll go! Any idea on times? Just about to head to bed so if I wake up and we'll organised to "be on the move" for whatever time, we'll be there I think :D Thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated!
  3. Hmm, had a sleep. Looks like we're going as I didn't have a sleep in ;)
  4. Well after a good look at Fed Square from 11-12 today, we can say we didn't find anything like this at all. It's either not on or we looked too early??

    *edit* Emma said she couldn't find anything on the Federation Square web page but the 'No comply' myspace has 7-11PM tonight. OOPS, too early :oops: Oh well, it was a good (almost) 2 hour walk we had. Looked around ACMI (the 80s gaming thing was a big let down!) and checked out (the lack of) stuff at fed square. Mostly some people setting up "Laugh Out" stage and a couple rides happening. Very much :-$ at moment. Nice day for a walk tho, not too hot and not too cold :grin:
  5. Sorry Wazza, should have put the start times in the op! :oops:

    I'll be heading down later, just got back from work and still a bit hungover so will have a disco nap first... It should be running for a few days though. In previous years some of the work had been pretty awesome.[/img]