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Art of Fighting

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Any Art of Fighting fans here??? I know of two! Three plus me :grin:

    I just noticed they're playing at some place called Northcote next Thursday the 7th June and I reckon I can pull strings to get there :grin:

    If anyone is interested in going along, or wants further info, let me know.




  2. You have been to Northcote Rosie :wink:
    Or rather through it is more like it.
  3. Oh.... it all looks the same to me :LOL:
  4. I'll definitely be there Rosie. Saw them two weeks back at The Corner, was a great show. You haven't been to Northcote Social Club before? It's a great venue, not too big and excellent sound. Let me know if you're definitely going.
  5. haha that's my landlords pub the northcote social club good venue...
  6. got some of their stuff, enjoy it a bit.

    never had the chance to see them tho.
  7. im.on.it & ughboots - Knew I could count on you two :grin: Do we need to buy tix before Thursday night or can we get them at the door? I wont know what's doing until Wednesday...
  8. Hi Rosie,

    I've already bought my ticket online for pick-up at the door on the night. You can do the same on Wednesday or Thursday morning once you know if you're definitely going, or take a chance buying one on the night. Be warned, apparently they are selling fast and their shows at NSC normally sell out beforehand as it is a relatively small venue. If you're a fan of their music you'll absolutely love them live so I hope you can make it.

    Nee, you got a ticket yet?

    Cheers :)
  9. I last caught Art of Fighting when they were supporting the Dirty Three at the Forum. Mesmerising! Give us a review afterwards, eh?
  10. Bugger - not gonna get there.

    Will have to keep an eye out for their next gig. Have a great time ughboots - and Nee, you should go!..why?....cos you can!... :p :(
  11. Nope not yet. will have to wait till tomorrow.
    Hey chris you know what time they are starting? I wanna fit the mystery ride in too.

    :p call me greedy. I wonder who will lead the mystery ride :?
    perhaps if somebody who knew the northern suburbs well was to lead it may be possible to end up somewhere near the NSC :)
  12. Main act usually starts after 10:30 at NSC. I'll call them tomorrow to find out the exact time they come on. I'm planning on doing the mystery ride beforehand. Should be able to do ride + gig no sweat.

    Rosie, too bad you can't make it. Hopefully see you at the next one :)
  13. OK, the review....

    Unfortunately I ended up being the only netrider there which is a shame as it was a fantastic show. NSC is a small venue and given that it was a Thursday night it wasn't packed. NSC is easily my favourite venue for seeing bands.

    I have a lousy memory so I won't recite a setlist (started with Akula, finished with Waiting) but as usual it was a great selection of songs taken from all their albums/EPs. I've seen AoF about seven times now and every time they totally blow me away. They are mesmerising to watch. If you know their music you'll know how in a single song they can go from something slow and beautiful and build it up into something that is incredibly powerful, and seeing this live is an awesome experience.

    If you're a fan of local independent bands and don't mind music with a slower edge to it then make sure you see this band at least once.
  14. Thanks for that! Sounds like they're in good form as always. Looking forward to getting my hands on Runaways.
  15. Just looked at their site..... not too bad at all.

    must add to "to get" list :)