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N/A | National Arsonists torch Tassie speed camera car

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lipstikpig, May 28, 2012.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8473876/arsonists-torch-tassie-speed-camera-car

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  2. =D>
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  3. Hmm, Interesting, no civilian operators anymore, Police won't risk leaving camera cars unattended from here on in, Police don't have enough staff to man camera cars.

    Ergo, No camera cars in Tassie, Sweet.
  4. Was it the same one that was illegally parked i saw on the news the other day? or was that in a different state..
  5. Doesnt it just give you that warm fuzzy feeling.
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  6. Thread of the week!
  7. Netriders taking flamings too far?
  8. It's about time!
  9. We should put together a defence fund for when the dude gets caught :-(
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  10. Great work!
  11. One down, X to go.

    Ultimately though, its more wastage of money. The public is still going to foot the bill for these speed catching games the police and government play. A destroyed speed cam will be an extra expense.

    Id prefer these vehicles were sold off to recoup money, and those officials who commission them be melted down into hotdog meat.
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  12. I'd buy that man a beer.
  13. Good on 'em. If they wanna come up here and do ours, I'd shed no tears.
  14. Nup. They'll reinstate civilian operators, and it will cost more than before, so they'll reduce the tolerance, and find ways to hide them better in more heavily trafficed areas. It can only work out for the worse... You can depend on it!
  15. I find it interesting that each of those articles gives different sometimes conflicting information - such as whether the vehicle was damaged or destroyed, the $ cost etc etc.

    Almost nobody has the right to call themselves a journalist these days.....

    The police think it was (or may have been depending on the article) deliberately lit.

    I wonder how many years of detective school that took.
  16. I remember a top gear episode where, apropos of nothing, Clarkson said something like

    "I definitely would not condone using spray pack expanding foam to fill up speed camera housings. The danger is you might accidentally destroy them"

  17. You've just described Beigetoria. This is Tasmania we're talking about. Don't f*** with Tasmanians unless you want to end up in bite-sized pieces.