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ARRRGHHHH!! A little long..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fastkid, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. So its 6:15pm on a dry summers day (Sun 18th) with signs of stinking heat. I head off to work as a squid as I do with t-shirt and shorts...

    Starts pissing down halfway to work, thats ok.. was bearable. I park in crown in the bike bay (I work in crown) and lock the helmet to the bike because theres a convenient helmet lock on the bike :cool:

    I come out on break at 9.30 to have a peak on the bike.. all is fine.

    I come out at 12am to leave for home and its PISSING down..

    I take a look at the bike and yep thats right.. some F@&K HEAD has stolen my helmet :shock: :shock:. Its not worth much ($300 AGV) but thats not the point. ITS THE F@CKN inconvenience :mad: :evil:. So I ask security about cameras etc.. nothing..

    So I go on my merry way home with t-shirt, shorts and no helmet while its raining hard. A tuff ride, I dont recommend it.

    Wish I just caught the bastard in the act. :(
  2. hmm you could of at least made up the part of

    and then when i was turning off into my street i got pulled over.... :grin:
  3. That's low, that is :mad: so no witnesses i.e. regular staff taking a smoko etc - is there an internal memo/bulletin board or email you can use to put it out there?

    Sorry if it is a dumb question (I'm @ home on sick leave, that's my excuse :) ) but you rode home anyway?
  4. Another life down...........how many to go?

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Yeah its kinda funny, people just leave their helmets on their bikes or near them and except it to be there when they come back.

    I hate most when you go to the shops and you see a bike with the rider's $500+ helmet 20cm behind the bike on the ground and all you can say is you fcuking moron.

    sorry for your loss but now you've learnt. :)
  6. thats pretty fcuked, but it just goes to show, never leave anything of value behind. Atleast they didnt walk of with the bike too
  7. So did they pick the lock or cut the strap?
  8. cut the strap..
  9. Maybe I am a little daft, but what goods a helmet with a cut strap? lol
    Or are they easy to replace
  10. Useless. Impossible to replace. People would only steal it to be a ****.
  11. damn that sucks, why people gotta be such arseholes ...

    I love to here when people like this get caught and get a good arse kicking for it. Give em something to think about before they do it nexttime
  12. Man that really sucks. At least you know that they can't use it or even better they do use it and it flys off on impact.
  13. If you know something about all the making stuff with materials and thread you could fix it all easy.
  14. I do, and no you can't.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. It wouldn't be as strong as before but atlest it would barely keep the lid on and im pretty sure they don't care if it works or not but asif it looks like it works.
  16. dont know who "they" are, but any1 with half a brain would want it to work lol...
  17. Who says they'd use it?
  18. :shock: Oh God, get out of Crown, get out now while you still can!!!!!!!!! :soapbox:

    As for the helmet, that sucks. Next time take a padlock and stick it in the lockers outside wardrobe. Thats where I always stashed mine.
  19. Thanks Tess! but I dont work for crown, just in crown. I have no access to lockers but oh well lesson learnt, take the bloody thing in with me! Too many low lifes around..
  20. Sorry about the loss and inconvenience Fastkid.