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Arrrggh bloody estate agents

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cam77, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Wow I am cranky today.

    A few weeks back new estate agents took over managing our house. Last week our former property managers (I won't name them, but let's just call them....say..... Callaghers in Annandale) debited $620 in rent (despite them not being the agents any more).

    After we brought the matter to their attention, they kindly informed us they could either (a) mail a cheque or (b) do a direct deposit at the end of the month. Obviously I am not waiting til the end of the month for my money, so we asked for a cheque.

    OK. Saturday, I decide to check my account online. Another $620 has been debited.

    This time I was not so kind in informing them. They are mailing another cheque, which is a laugh because I could actually heave a cricket ball from my house to their office, and I may do so.

    So I now have to spend a week with $1.32 in my account waiting for 2 bloody cheques to clear. Hello real estate agents, it aint the 19th century any more!!! Amazing isn't it, when rental payments are late they jump on you - but when you're no longer their client, and they have $1240 of your money, they are a little more relaxed about it?

    What does this have to do with bikes...? Um...not much really. Some of that money would be going to a new helmet.

    Feels good to rant and rave though.

  2. Well, they are in business to make money, not to look after your pathetic and small interests, you know :D
    (I was involved with them in their IT needs a few years back; not a pleasant experience being a provider for them either, I must add....)
  3. had you informed them in writing too stop the direct debit? If so make a police report against them... then call them back stating the police report number and you will have your money before the day is out....

    I have done this with a certain phone company, and it's funny how quickly they give you a call back and pay you back once legal charges are brought up against them....
  4. Unfortunately not :(

    I didn't even think about it, I expected agents have procedures to follow in different circumstances - this is an 'award winning' estate agent so I had expected them to be nothing short of professional.

    You're right though. I suppose if you want things done properly, don't depend on other people for it...
  5. sorry to hear then mate, best of luck on them paying up at the end of the month...... somthing to remember for next time, personally i don't let anyone have driect debt after my experience, it's not worth all the stuffing around just too get back your own money
  6. I don't think you should have been responsible for informing them, in writing or otherwise, to stop debiting your account. You were not the person who instigated the change of arrangements. The owner did. It's their responsibility to make sure it was followed through. Now if they have done so (and I'll bet they did!), that would make the removal of money from your account a theft. Get the police onto the agents RIGHT NOW.
    In all likelyhood, this is an oversight by slack office staff, but clearly they are quite happy to leave you dangling in the wind BECAUSE THEY CAN!
    Sic 'em, Rex.
  7. Unfortunatelty, I think you'll find it is your responsibility to stop a direct debit from your account. Not the other way around.
    If you have informed your bank to cancel it, and it still goes through then the bank is to blame.
    Thats not to say the agent isn't dodgy for continuing to request the money from your bank.
    Of course if you had an automatic payment set up rather than a direct debit then you personally are responsible for canceling it.
  8. You should be able to block them from taking money from your account as well. Have you called up the bank in regards to this because it may continue happening? I've had friends say places have continued up to 1-2 years taking money out when they should have stopped in things like this
  9. ...And I have done this with a certain Bank (Who I will gladly name: Commonwealth. Stay Away). They did a direct debit after I'd withdrawn permission and after much of my screaming and asking to speak to supervisors, they said they weren't giving my money back!

    I told them, in a very calm, cold, 'psycho-killer' voice, that If I didn't have an apology and my money in my bank within 15 minutes I was coing to have a charge of theft filed and then call A Current Affair (yes: I know how to push buttons to make them do what I want).

    They called me back nine minutes later... Negative publicity and criminal charges seemed to motivate them for some strange reason...
  10. Sadly I was once a real estate agent :oops: And Unfortunately I have to deal with them pretty much everyday now in my current work. Quite frankly (and I know there are probly 12 decent people in the industry) real estate agents are the laziest most self centred 'professionals' I have ever encountered in my life, all they want is the money, you,re renting so they aren't gonna go outta their way at all for you, but if you were thinkin of buying/selling... they,d be sucking up ur ass!

  11. Hahahaha.
    I love it! Well done. :)

    I had 2 accounts with a bank and closed the one that had a DD set up.
    This was intentional as I didn't want the account, and wanted to stop the DD at the same time. Easy I thought, close the account.
    Well, The bank moved my DD to the other account without my permission (they prolly thought they were doing me a favour). Needles to say, there was no paperwork allowing the DD on the account which is required in NZ for a DD to be legal.
    2 payments were made to my ISP b4 I realised, and simply told the bank "return my money please. You have my permission to try and recover it from the company you gave it to in error"
    I got my money, and they never did get it back from the ISP. :)
  12. ...I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that it's one of those 'leech' jobs, where you're not actually producing anything or even really contributing to society in any positive way (except to drive up real estate values wherever you can): you're just a leech who charges ludicrous fees for filling out some forms and taking some phone calls on somebody's behalf... Maybe that kind of 'leech' job attracts a certain type of (leech) personality...?

    I have a really interesting relationship with my estate agent: Basically, they're complete pricks, and they're cheap (i.e: They won't fork out two cents unless they're sure they'll get it back somehow), and they no longer tell me what's going on - I tell them!

    My rent falls due on the 10th of each month, and I get paid on the 15th of each month. I've been in this place nearly 4 years now. I've been two months behind on the rent before (2 years ago - was unemployed), but they will send me a letter on the 13th, hand written (i.e: not just a form letter which was automatically spat out of their computer and posted, in red ink, demanding that I pay my rent "NOW!" (and yes, they write 'NOW!' in big letters in red ink)...

    I consider this (especially the red ink and the big "NOW!") to be quite rude, Especially since I know there's a note on my file there saying that I get paid on the 15th and that payment will be there by the 17th, and that they know they'll get their money as well as I do...

    ...but here's the kicker - I have this lovely old lady for a landlord, who I can call and have a chat with at my leisure! she came over and introduced herself a couple of days after I moved in, and gave me her phone number, So anytime the agent annoys me, I just ring my landlady and tell her that the agent is harassing me and can she please have a word.

    so, of course, once this rude behaviour started, I called my landlady (who was appalled - she is also cheap, and they get charged every time the agent sends me a 'NOW' letter or tries to evict me or does an inspection or anything), and told her that they were annoying me, that it bordered on harassment, and thet she should instruct them to stop sending me letters...

    One time I was in the agents office for something, and I spotted an about-to-be-mailled 'Pay rent NOW!' with my address on it. I pointed to it and said to the woman (was one of the senior people there) 'I thought the landlady told you not to send me any more letters', and she said to me 'She can't tell me how to run my business, I'll run it however I want!'.

    I went about the rest of my business with them, then just before I walked out, I leaned over the counter and said in my same calm, psycho-killer voice "If I EVER recieve another letter from you FOR ANYTHING, I won't pay my rent until you try to evict me - you will have to send me an eviction notice EVERY MONTH in order to get your rent - there goes your profit margin, and there goes any enjoyment you have, cuz you'll never get me out - the landlady loves me." Then I grabbed the letter and tore it in half in front of her stunned face. I don't think she'd ever been spoken to like that before, the old wench...

    I've not heard one word from them since, and I still pay my rent on the 15th... :D
  13. Something in the back of my mind is telling me the paperwork you sign gives the company that gets the money control of the DD not the account owner. This is to allow them to vary the amount debited when the rate changes (usually upwards) to save you having to do any paperwork. Some of the fine print I think also means they have to cancel it as well under normal circumstances.

    Disclaimer: I've been wrong before and will probably be wrong in the future so I could also be wrong this time. I really should stop listening to the little voices inside my head.
  14. It's all very dodgy. The best thing to do is avoid DD entirely and use BPay - you have to transfer the money yourself, but on the bright side you get to transfer the money yourself, so you know what you're paying and when you're paying it. ;)

    I'm told that some DD agreements are IRREVOKABLE by the user: When he/she signs the DD agreement, the person who is paying the money loses the power to say 'I recant my authorisation for you to withdraw money from my account'. Personally, I find this rather hard to fathom, and I don't see how it can be legal / constitutional...

    ...but who ever said the world was fair?
  15. Yeah I like the way real estates agents consider time important when they're waiting for you but are more relaxed when it actually requires them to do something. I recently got a letter advising me that my rental lease had expired and that it was extremely important that I fill in the necessary paperwork and return it to them by a given date (about 6 days from when I got the letter). The funny part about this is that the lease actually expired more than 18 months ago (which is stated on the letter), it's taken them that long to get off their arse and send out the paperwork but somehow it's vitally important that I send it back to them in less than a week.
  16. Well at least this thread's a change from lawyer-bashing! :LOL:

    *unfolds portable chair and picks up popcorn*

    On the subject of DDs - I recently paid out a car lease that was being serviced by a monthly DD. The finance company (part of NA8) mistakenly deducted a monthly payment after the lease was paid out.

    As soon as I brought it to their attention they recredited the money immediately, but last week I decided to head into my bank to make sure the DD had actually been cancelled. The very nice bank person warned me to avoid DDs at all costs, because you are indeed authorising someone else to dip into your account (rather than instructing your bank to make a payment, you're letting someone else take your money out).

    Her advice was to make sure I had something in writing from NAB agreeing to cancel the DD. If they kept taking money from the account, the bank would then go in to bat for me.

    In fact this wasn't necessary - no more money's been deducted. But I'll be avoiding DDs in future.
  17. Is there no end to the iniquity of these bloody institutions?
    Gromit, as a counterpoint to your story - a few years ago I signed an authority for a card provider (not related to a bank) to take its fee from my Commonwealth account. When I cancelled the card, I noticed that they continued to debit my acccount for the fee. I asked the Comm. to stop payments, and was told that they COULD NOT stop them, and that unless the card provider CHOSE not take payment, there was no way to stop it. According to the bank, once that authority was signed it was pretty much forever. I didn't actually believe it (still don't), but emptied the account anyway.
    Next thing I am receiving letters of demand from the bank for "overdrawing my account" - plus penalty fees, because they continued to give payment to the card provider against my account!
    I could possibly have fought it in court (at cost to me), but in the end I just paid out the relatively small amount owed to the bank and shut down the account.
    As far as I'm concerned this society is descending back into feudalism.
  18. As a post script, my fortunes have changed dramatically [insert wry smile & a touch of sarcasm]

    - the manager of the estate agents have contacted me personally to say he will make sure the cash comes back (believe it when I see it)

    - In other news I have a mobile for sale on ebay, which is currently at $114 to sell in 14 hours.. Someone has contacted me from Africa offering $900US, paying by money order (18-30 day clearance for international transactions), but needing the phone ASAP. Sounds like a good deal, maybe I should give my credit card details?

    Cue Samuel L Jackson "Does Marsellus Wallace look like a biatch? Then why you tryin' to f him like a biatch??"

    :shock: :LOL: :? :LOL:
  19. cam is only responsable to send them a letter if HIS circumstances change , if theres do (the company) they have no right as to debit his account .
    online or auto debts can be cancelled by the originator in 2 days .
    as for not giving back the funds straight away , i would demand cash , or go to the police station and bank and report it as theft .
    they have NO right to hold your money and must return it straight away.
  20. oh not sure groberts, i was under the impression that you the person had to inform them now matter what changes, but yeah like i said only hear say.... and i do it just too make sure i have all bases covered