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Arrived alive

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by johnr, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Hi, I'm John and I've been reading the forums for a month now. Great advice for the newbie, it helped big time when looking for gear (first) and then bike.

    I'm now completely encased in cordura, soft armour, kevlar and fibreglass, and am happy about it because when I went out for my first road ride on Saturday I was sh1tt1n bricks. At 44, L plater, no experience, survival is the instinct.

    I sat on pretty much every 250 in the eastern suburbs and took a few for a ride. Ended up buying a FZX250 zeal, 99 and very clean.

    Sunday was the big day out with HART to Toolangi, what a great way to start. Riding in the group up those roads, through the bends, plenty of support and advice, sensational.

    So now I'm hooked, I'll see you out there.
  2. Welcome John,

    good way to start ur m/cycling.
    (see post under Vic events) i wish those rides were closer.

    enjoy - REV
  3. Welcome to the show John, glad your taking it seriously, don't forget the pure pleasure that come with the experience as well. Good luck and stay safe.
  4. Welcome, John.
    Sounds like you're doomed :LOL:
    Better to start at 44 than never to start, eh??
  5. Welcome

    Your history now, there is no going back :grin:
  6. John, welcome to forum.. the BBQ was fantastic at Toolangi. I think I was sitting at the same table as you... I remember you.. the guy with the Zeal..

    I should have waited for you when we finished up at the Shires office. I was heading to Knox anyway... sorry about that..

    You going to do that again? Toolangi or Reefton?

    P.S. I really admire you bravery to do the Toolangi after 2 days of riding... :LOL: Well done..
  7. Hi John,

    Welcome :) Great to hear you've got yourself fully kitted out and enjoying your new ride. Congrats!

    Hope to see you around.
  8. Hi John,
    Congrats about getting amongst it. You'll have heaps of fun on the hills out your way. Maybe you could try eating more fibre before going on a big ride next time :cheeky: :bolt:
  9. Welcome John,

    Stay safe, keep the round rubbery things below you at all times! :LOL:

  10. Hi All,

    Thanks for your welcomes, I am looking forward to getting into it, and doing some of the social stuff as well.

    Cash - I am looking forward to the next Toolangi ride, early next year I think. I might get a few k's under the belt before I tackle Reefton, but it sounds good. (Got to have the P's to do it??).

    So many roads out there :grin:

  11. John, Reefton sounds scarey, but they take it pretty slowly. Don't worry about being inexperienced. However you do need to be off your Ls to go. Both Toolangi & Reefton rides divide riders into groups of experience, so you don't have to worry about being thrown in with the fast guys.