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arrgghh!!! ignition hole tampered with...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fil, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. g'day fellas,

    after i parked my nsr150 outside of a commission housing in erskinville, sydney a few weeks ago... i found that the ignition hole was tampered with. was like some kids tried to dig into it with a screw driver... so i had to fiddle my keys around it (the handle bar was loose too) to get it going... i thought that itd just be a little annoyance that i would have to learn to put up with.

    just yesterday i went to the beach and just as im about to leave, the key didnt work at all... so theres my (light-lil) bike, left stranded there...

    after i tow the thing home... what should be my next step? undo the ignition component? where can i get the tools? locksmith/car or bike mech?
    u may be thinking honda dealer will sort things out for me... i just wanna know my most cost efficient options...

    look foward to replies...
  2. just go down to your honda dealer and order a new ignition barrel.
    untill then, learn to push start :p
  3. Phil, sorry to hear about your bike. I suggest you give into the notion and the common (mis?)conception that all bikers are dangerous and ride with guns, knives and bats.. not bullets though.. guns don't kill people.. bullets do... that will scare off any little coloured people who haven't yet upgrded their sticks and stones...
  4. khlarton, pushing a bike when the ignition is not going to start it......

    habibi, I'm not sure what you're getting at, but since in both cases Phil was not around when his bike was vandalised, he could have been carrying a nuclear weapon and it wouldn't have done him any good.
  5. Just remove the ignition lock and get into the habit of leaving the fuel filler cap unlocked. That way if someone does steal the bike, and crashes, they'll die a horrible fiery death. :twisted: . (Just remember to relock the fuel cap before riding it yourself ;)).
  6. :shock: :shock:

    :rofl: :rofl:
  7. Maybe you've already got it sorted, but take this as a merciful warning to get insurance and an alarmed disk lock.
  8. Time to enroll you in hotwire lessons :p

  9. thanks for the prompt responses guys...

    habibi, i am interested in what u had in mind when u wrote that interesting but confusing lil thread...
    if u are implying i should plan a sting operation to catch these rodents... ive been plannin it everyday...

    u are correct hornet, and even if i do have it hot started... i would have to hurt my ride further by snapping the locking lobe that locks my steering.

    wow jd, i'd like to have someone like u on my team when i do this sting...

    tnx mattb, but my bike is too light for a disc lock to perform its job... also i couldnt imagine how many times i would forget to take the thing off (and put on for that matter) myself...
    ive always been a sceptic abt insurance...=/
  10. your not the smartest cookie are you? whats the point in hot wiring when the steering is locked, do some more research before you post again.

    its stupid comments like that, that makes it a pain trolling through all the forums for worthy info
  11. Or use the kick starter. What's wrong with using the kick starter??


    Oh, I know, they are beggars to start at the best of times when cold...


    Trevor G
  12. What does this mean exactly?