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Arrggh - Keys

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Just got back from a trip to the US, and through a complex series of screwups one of my bags has vanished, probably never to return. And in it were my keys, including the sole set of keys for my bike. Yep, hindsight is 20/20 and I should have got replacements cut and kept them in a safe place, but the situation I find myself in is having a bike that is essentially a lump of unmoving metal for the time being. Anyone have experience or info to offer? Can a locksmith cut new keys for the ignition and tank/seat based on the locks, or...?

  2. Man that really sucks. You get to come home while your bag selfishly goes on its own holiday.
    As for your bike keys, why did you take them in the first place?
    The only way your going to find out if a locksmith can help is give them a call. I'm sure they could do something for you.
  3. geez that sucks mate......guess it's time for a upgrade then :LOL: yes they can recut keys to suit though......did you have travel insurance?
  4. what bike?

    another nr was in a similar position and armed with the frame number, contacted Yamaha who gave her a key number for a locksmith to use. replacement keys delivered to door and useless lump of metal now a humming motorbike.

    if however it's a HISS equipped Honda....
  5. yep locksmith can cut the keys from the ignition

    what bike is it ? if its a late model with chip in the key then your headaches have only just begun
  6. Unless its an old bike. You will need to get a new ignition assembly from the manufacturer.

    I know with the R1 and CBR's, if you lose all the keys provided your up for a whole new barrel.
  7. It's a Spada, so I'm not sure how easy/hard it'd be to get info. Guess I might have to {end of 'Men In Tights'}Call a locksmith!!{/eoMIT}

    There are literally about 20 different decision points at which this could have been averted:

    1. Get replacement keys cut before leaving
    2. Don't take keys with
    3. Put keys in pocket when coming home instead of in checked baggage
    4. Avoid airport screwup (basically, shifted from one airline to another due to a cancelled flight and the bag didn't follow me)
    5. Go back and fix airport screwup in time...

    etc, etc. Not sure about insurance, but because of the way the screwup happened the bag never got checked so doesn't have a number or claim ticket, so I'm not sure how I'd claim. I think I just screwed up and have to face the consequences...
  8. Easy, Locksmith can cut a key from the ignition, no problems,

    Heaps cheaper if ypu can take barrel to them, and make sure they cut the original key, so tank and seat still work.

    (The Clowns at the my previous place of employ used to loose 2 bike keys per month)
  9. Hmm, I think the seat/tank keys are different to the ignition key. Might go and look at pulling out the seat and ignition barrels and taking to them.

    Thanks all,


    PS Will tell you how it turns out
  10. Ack - seat lock is carefully rivetted in place, so would involved drilling out and then figuring out a way to screw back, and be less secure. Tank is carefully designed to only be accessible once it's opened. Looked at the ignition and just decided 'nah, I think I'll pay instead'. May regret that, but I guess we'll see. Phoning...
  11. Really?

    On my Sapda it's all the same... and i have the genuine Honda key. Opens all 3 locks on the bike.

    Good luck with it though.
  12. Not relevant to the OP's problem, but with CBR1000rr and CBR600rr and all models with HISS, if you lose both keys, you are totally stuffed. You'll need a new ECU. It's all about security...
  13. Hmm, OK. Rang them, and the story was '$300 or more for two keys if we come out, maybe $150 if you can bring the barrel in'. Attacked it with renewed vigor but was defeated by the 3 tiny torx-type screws holding the barrel in. Think I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and pay the big bux... but hopefully if you're right and it's all one key that'll drop the cost, and the fact that it's a nekkid and I can already see the screw heads should keep it down too. (I'll just feel like a bit of a goose for always using different shaped keys for the two things... or it could be that this bike uses different keys because it's cobbled together...)
  14. I have had my bags go astray on international flights more than once, and, up to this point, they have eventually made it back to me intact, although it normally takes a couple of days or so. How long have you been back? Unless your need is urgent for the keys, you may be better off just waiting a little longer to see if the bags come back before outlaying money on new keys...just a thought :)
  15. There is a fair chance the bags will turn up.
    Just wait a bit.
    You could claim on your Travel insurance.
  16. Yeah, thanks for that thought. Unfortunately in this case what happened was this:

    I was booked on American, but they cancelled the flight. They moved me to United. They gave me a couple of receipts, which looked like boarding passes, for the United flight, and I left my bag on their baggage weigher. To be honest I was somewhat hung over at the time, and didn't really register that they hadn't given me a baggage check barcode thingy.

    Got over to United and tried to go through security, only to be told 'these aren't boarding passes, you have to go check in'. Went and checked in, was asked 'are you checking any bags?' and said 'I already did'. Still thought it was OK, and no-one queried that, but had a niggle that all was not well.

    *Should* have then walked the kilometre back to American and sorted the problem, but my flight was getting close and the aforementioned hangover was counselling me to assume it was all OK and take it easy...

    Assumed the bag was checked through to Australia, and so couldn't do any further checking for 24 hours or so because I was on planes...

    So the upshot is that the bag was probably never checked in by anyone, anywhere, which makes tracking it basically impossible, and baggage services people very disinterested. Tried Boston (where I was flying from) Lost and Found, but all they have is a recorded message saying to leave the details of your bag and they'll ring if, and only if, they find it.

    Bag had been purchased in the airport on the way to split one of my bags that was too heavy, so had few identifying marks.

    Cascade of both errors and bad luck means that although I still hope to get it back, the hope is slender indeed... and I need my bike working to get to work.
  17. ...and pulled the headlight and instruments off to get at the barrel, only to find it's secured by some complex little torx thingies I can't undo. Fuggit - I have work to do and can't afford to screw around with this all day. Will check with The Boss and then get the locksmiths to come out - hopefully by getting it as far as I have it'll at least cut down a bit on the total cost.
  18. if its a torx head theyre available from Jaycar and dick smith bursons repco etc, itll be cheaper to buy than a call out
  19. locksmith down here does 2 keys from the ign for $50-$60

    if the tank and seat are the same as the ignition then they can make the ignition from the other 2 as the seat and tank use half of the key each
  20. The owners manual for my kwaka has a Z**** four digit code that a locksmith can use to identify a new key. Try contacting honda with your engine/vin numbers and they might be able to forward it on. From memory the original keys had a small silver tag with the same number stamped on it. Luckily for me the original owner copied it down in the owners handbook.