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Arrested for listening to music ... wtf???!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by bkdu, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Article

    What the hell is happening in this country? Fair enough, the lyrics were a bit offensive, but it's not like he was out and about glassing, stabbing or otherwise maiming people ... and there's no mention of any civilians having taken offence or him behaving in an obnoxious manner to provoke.
    Arrested for listening to music ... f#$%%^ng awesome ... that's how I like to see the police force spend my mafia extortion ... errr tax money.

    First aliens offering to abduct me ... I'm outta here ... this planet is going down the drains ...

  2. That cop deserves the term "pig". He couldn't even hear the music until the scumbag poked his head into someone else's business. The kid was right, the pork patrol should have done some real police work.
  3. Kid is a regular troublemaker in his town apparently and the cops had jack of his behaviour,
    He looks like such a "nice" kid too
  4. kid should be arrested for crossdressing.

    the arrest is bullshit but that kid looks like he needs a good smack in the mouth. farking emo's
  5. =D>
  6. He's 19 as well hardly a kid.
  7. ....The teenager is believed to be the first person charged under Australian law with offensive behaviour for listening to music.....

    Is his behaviour offensive just because he is listening to the music.. or because of what he said to the cops, or because the music was too loud??

    ... How about charging the composer of the lyrics for lewd conduct?? :roll:

    ..I dunno!!... each generation gets a kick up the butt for the music they listen to.

    I myself listen to music with the words "Mother F*cker* in them (thanks to White Zombies) ... and I play it loud in my car!!.. i'll await arrest 8-[
  8. And such a taste in haircuts
  9. Lets change a couple of words

  10. But he wasn't a biker
    besides it will be thrown out of court imho.
  11. Nope but I bet his arrest had more to do with his lack of conformation than actual offensive behavior.

    Hope you're right. It's interesting that offensive language has always been an offense, but the measure is what an average person would find offensive, rather than who is around at the time. So it has become a redundant offense with our increasing exposure to more robust language.

    this is of course a slightly different offense.
  12. He's probably a bit like the little shits that run around Ringwood. Each little thing they do is minor, but when you combine everything they do it adds up to some seriously anti-social behaviour. The cops around here would do anything to get the little turdburglers.
  13. In my day
  14. Don't know about that. 'kid' can refer to mental state, he doesn't look 'too mature'. Then again, when I was wearing 'heavy metal' gear and hair down past my butt until I was 25, I probably was looked down upon by others as 'immature'. It's just real hard not to pre-judge some people, mainly emos. As one said, charge him with cross-dressing lol :-s

    Also, I'm glad that most of my offensive lyrics stuff I listen(ed) to, couldn't be understood by people without tuning their ear to the speed of the music I preferred (grind core for one genre I loved as a teen)
  15. I'm sure you're correct which is why this arrest bothers me.

    If they'd arrested him for excessive noise (and quoted the noise levels) then it would be a different matter.
  16. Damn - looks like I'd better keep my Pink Floyd turned down :)
  17. ... I think you should be arrested for listening to that!!... :rofl:
  18. the kid looks like he needs a good slap upside the head to be honest, but each his own. If he was playing music loudly above the appropriate levels I for one am glad the plod have nabbed him even more so if said music had the normal level of language in it.

    Cool he's found some music he can relate to, doesn't mean the rest of us should have to listen to the crap. I'd rather though they'd hit him with the $500 fine, or both as I believe they could have. I don't think it'll be too hard for the prosecution to get the charge to stick. Also didn't his mother say he had left the vehicle with it running? Pretty sure that an offense now as well isn't it.
  19. Good example for 12 months compulsory national military service if ever i saw one

    I dont however agree with the police arresting him for offensive lyrics -- that is a subjective thing - I as a citizen do not mind offensive lyrics

    However should the music have been played at a non acceptable volume at a certain time then yes a fine could be imposed ( as already in place with the law - noise levels etc )
    but the arrest part is bullshit

    I agree Ibast -- I believe it was more for non conforming than anything else.
  20. wtf?????