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N/A | National Arrested for having a GoPro on helmet

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by goz, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Yes it is in America, but same thing can happen here

    First, the news story

    Raw footage from the riders GoPro

    Raw footage from the police car

    Simply, to me, the cop stuffed up and had no right to take it, but just goes to show, at what lengths they will go to get what they want


  2. Go pros are evil. At least hide them. Having it on your helmet is asking for trouble
  3. Goz, cops can shoot you too without a reason........that doesnt mean that I wear a bullet proof vest everywhere I go.

  4. no they cant mate, besides, whats that got to do with the topic
  5. Lol @ the guy wearing a spine protector over his singlet..

    The police's footage doesn't show the motorcyclist that they arrested. They're trying to distract or confuse people. Stupid police.
  6. Netrider oturage!
  7. The article stated quite specifically that for some unknown reason, in-car footage of the particular incident had fallen into the footwell or was thrown out the window or otherwise lost forever.
    I know you're views are typically quite conservative in these matters, but are you actually impassive or unconcerned by this?
  8. A cop can just shoot you the same as they can just take your stuff without a proper reason..............both illegal when youve done nothing wrong.

    That chick looked plenty confused.................I dont blame her, she probably got the short end of the straw, when no one wanted to defend the un defendable actions of the police.

    The police loosing damning evidence syndrome also exists across the pond..................how surprising, NOT.
  9. I remember watching that when it first happened. First time I've seen the news story.

    That is one stupid cop though. If he does that with a camera watching him imagine what he does when there are no cameras.
  10. Its America, and not everything there applies here, despite how stupidly young kids dress these days.
    You cannot be arrested for simply having a gopro on.
    I would think they would need a warrant to take it.

    and lastly i'm pretty sure there is different rules if its mounted to the bike, or to somewhere on your person
  11. You can be arrested for having it on, but the cop must be a real ass to do so.

    They can provide evidence that safety is an issue and wearing it causes things, but as I said they must be an ass to do so.
  12. My understanding is They can be seized if the officer believes on reasonable grounds or reasonable suspicion an offense has been committed. however there is a difference if the camera is located on the bike or your person.. Plenty of people here that can detail this further
  13. Americans drive on the right side of the road...Watch out it could happen here!
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  14. cops should get a go-pro. the quality of that in-car footage is very VHS
  15. Or they might stop loosing fotage...........due to equipment failures, and judging by that moronic cop, similar dodgy halfwit cops might not as easily tamper them and erase the video.
  16. For starters; this is from America. The in-car footage of police vehicles in NSW is of MUCH higher quality. It is also tamper proof (you can say what you like about doubting this claim, but I know it is).

    Secondly, yes police can seize devices which they suspect on reasonable grounds contain evidence of an offence being committed. This can include things such as GoPro or others such as mobile phones. If you do not hand over the evidence, or fail to comply, that is deemed an offence and you can be arrested.

    Also, AznCruiser, what the fuck are you on about police shooting people for no reason? That's a pretty stupid thing to say. Not many people like police (for their own reasons) but saying they run around shooting people when they feel like it is just silly.
  17. So.....they pulled over the pickup because they were filming the bikers, not because it was carrying people in the tray? Uh....okay.... that makes sense.
  18. "Arrested for having a GoPro on?"
    Nah, the dude got arrested for having a concealed number plate, and the cop wanted the gopro for evidence. That's what I gathered anyway.

  19. You dont think that happens? you dont think they tazer and spray innocent people? You dont think theyve ever gotten the wrong person or misunderstood the situation and killed someone?................dude go back to your dream paradise world.

    As for the videos being tamper proof? There have been many examples of videos going missing when it puts the police in a bad light...............you dont think this happen in Australia?

    Seizing evidence in that manner? good luck with how that holds up in court............
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  20. I still can't see any PROOF here that you can "get arrested for having a Go-Pro" on, either in the U.S. or Australia? I can see lots of "as I understand the laws", and "don't worry, it could happen here's" but I can't see any proof.....