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Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Bohemian Rhapsody

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by AznCruiser, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Go winning drunk guy...................you can be an honorary Azn with your epic karaoke solo.

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  2. Lol i watched the whole thing..
    that was hilarious.
  3. "Canada's Got Talent".... Founding Member - an inebriated male escorted to a Police Station...

    I enjoyed watching that :D
  4. LOL - Hands up all those who started singing along.


    Yeah, bullshi!!
  5. singing "...mumma i just killed a man" is probably not the smartest thing in the back of cop car hahaha
  6. very funny... but 3 things.. 1.No cop would put up with that. 2.no handcuffs 3.good memory for someone plasted ...

    other then that still funny
  7. so why did i think it was stupid ?

    no tolerance for drunk people I guess hmm ( old bouncers never die they just become grouchy old men)
  8. You do see a shadow approach the car at least two times on the far side. If there was a cop there they were just letting him go.
  9. was it in Canada?............In America you might get shot lol.
  10. You can be detained in a police car without cuffs.. the cop probably was laughing and knew he had it recorded so just kept letting him sing.
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  11. Is was Canada cos at the end of the song he says "R.C.M.P." which is Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  12. Canadians.....................he lost his horse lol
  13. Gold! He wasnt even out of breath after that epic song. The man has a gift.
  14. Although he can't sing for shit I hope they let him off after that epic performance.