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Arqin V3

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Still looking for a bike for the Mrs. Being relatively short it looks like she's pretty much stuck with cruisers. She'll probably end up on a Virago or the Honda or Suzuki equivalent, but I ran across the Arqin V3 this arvo. It's more of a hybrid bike/scooter, with CV transmission, but looks a bit more sports-styled than cruiser, and is relatively cheap new (i.e. she could have a new one of these for the price of a mid-90s Virago).

    Any knowledge, experience, opinions etc.? I couldn't find any decent reviews on the web, only useless user reviews (i.e. reviews from useless users, not useful users).
  2. Ah cool, thanks for that (dang, meant to do the Search myself and forgot). That's very helpful.
  3. I know they come with a cassette player lol
  4. Well, thanks for the feedback guys, but when I mentioned the possibility to her she said 'no way, I want a real bike!' ;)

    So that's the end of that idea.
  5. Your partner has great taste, those things are frikkin horrible. Uggh!
  6. no idea on this particular bike but i rode an arquin dirtbike and the quality/feel underwhelmed me.

    but if ya like it go for it
  7. Glad to hear that idea is dead in the water. What were you thinking ???? :p
  8. Props for your Mrs to say Hell no

    imo, i think it looks like a turd :p