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Arqin Sprint 125

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Red23, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    does anyone have one of these? i'm looking to purchase one in the next couple of weeks and would like to know the thoughts of other owners.

  2. dont own one, never ridden one, however I have ridden an arquin 200cc motorbike a few times and it was the biggest POS. built quality was poor and the whole bike felt sloppy

    im not saying there scooters are like that, but perhaps alos check out a couple of other brands and see if its worth spending the little bit extra on something better quality
  3. +1

    Look for something from the Taiwanese makers (Sym, Bug/Kymco make decent stuff) or if you buy Chinese, get one that is from a European or Japanese manufacturer that has set up in China (Piaggio, Yamaha, Honda).

    The Chinese will dominate this market soon, but I don't think they're there yet.

    My picks in budget 125s are the Bug Agility and the Piaggio Fly (the Fly has 5000km service intervals, the best around, and worth paying a bit more for). The Sym VS125 is selling very well too, but at a higher price. You should be on the road with a Fly at $4000 or Agility for less than $3300. The VS is around $4200 out the door.

    Hope this helps.
  4. thanks for the advice. i'm really just looking for something to get me to and from work which is bout 15kms away. managed to pick up a brand new one for $1000 without registration. i think it's a great price. guess only time will tell if they aren't good scooters.
  5. picked it up on sat and rode home with rain pouring. not a good buzz. since then, have been riding it every day. very happy with what i got. only thing is the centre stand is a little bulky and springs are soft. but other than that, very nice to ride. only got it up to 80ks.
  6. you did get it registered, didnt you?
  7. yes i did. picked it up from the dealer on sat with rego.
  8. I dare say mate, for the tiny price of $1,000 you've done extremely well. How long it holds together is the only concern, but for 1,000 its worth a punt.
    Well done.

    Keep us posted on how you go with it.
  9. I'm with Duffman there, just bought my son a chinese 'runna' 50cc.
    Wouldnt have dreamt of buying chinese before but the price with 6 months rego, top box and the colour - brightest yellow/orange.. perfect for getting the boy up and running.. he will no doubt give it hell... he was recently a sponsored BMX rider... so he can give it to a cheapie and later update at his own expense! It's really cute with a heap of fun packed into it :LOL: :LOL:
  10. thanks for the comments. i guess only time and Kms will tell just how good p to par the chinese scooters are. however, so far i'm very happy with mine. still breakin in the engine so not really giving it alot. The price i paid of $1000 + $480 rego/on road was def a very good price considering they are normally $2400 + on road.
  11. Hi The Org,
    Bill i got ur pm but for some reason admin has a block on me replyin to pm. so if u want to pm me ur email or contact i can answer ur questions.
  12. just giving my 5 month update on my arqin. apart from being hit from behind, the scooter has served me very well. hasn't missed a beat. starts first time every time. just under 3.5k ks.
  13. Arqin Sprint 125 Review - Thoughts after 1 year and 6000 km

    I thought I'd share some of my observations about the Arqin 125 after owning it for a llittle over a year and having ridden it 6000km.

    Let me start by saying i love the little scoot and my criticisms must be taken in light of its cheap price. I bought it at the 2008 Sydney Easter Show for $2000 Ride Away!

    I think it must have been the deal of the century and I am very happy.

    In any case let me talk about the scoot and my complaints.

    Petrol Tank and Fuel Gauge

    A very small tank - a little over 3 litres means that you will need to tank up frequently. This can be annoying. Because of the small tank the petrol gauge is a bit eccentric. Mine was stuck at 1/2 full for 8 months and for some reason last week fixed itself. Even when working properly it really only indicates Full, 1/2 and then empty within 3-4 km. I fill up when it indicates 1/2.

    Center Stand

    Other reviewers have noted the center stand that will scrape on the left side if you lean too far - which in not too far. Other than that it is a very stable stand.

    Overall Build

    My mechanic said that the engine quality is quite good. Early Chinese engines had to be worked on very carefully due to poor steel leading to stripped threads. He had no complaints about servicing the Arquin. The one major service I have had cost $250 dollars - more than 10% of what I paid for the bike. Can't complain.

    Result of Poor Maintenance

    This week (after 5700km) the exhaust rattled loose, snapping some of the exhaust welds and very thin steel brackets supporting the exhaust. The rear plastic mudguard came away and was left in bits on the road. It was supported by the exhaust itself and the fixing points were simply made of plastic.

    I had to weld the brackets of the exhaust back together on the exhaust and now it is right as rain.

    Admittedly, it was largely my fault. I noticed an annoying rattle and the fact that one of the plastic loops on the mudguard had slipped off the exhaust and ignored it. The vibration over time caused the failure however the lack of spring washers contributed to it.

    No Washers?

    While fixing the exhaust, I noticed there were no washers used on any of the bolts securing the exhaust! This annoyed me quite a bit as this probably would have stopped them loosening to start off with and would have cost the manufacturers about 20 cents. I recommend that if you have an Arquin or are going to buy one to tighted your bolts int his area at least every 2 months or as I did put spring washers in. This might be obvious to someone who maintains thier scoot, but I use it as a workhorse and really don't pay much attention to it which speaks volumes for its toughness.


    Excellent value for money, particularly at the price I paid -$2000. I ride it 20km -40km a day most days to work. I live at the foot of the Blue Mountains and ride up a very steep, winding road (Old Bathurst Rd) and it eats up the incline with no problem at all. Fast starts from the lights and adequate top speed makes it a nimble ride.

    Headlights are quite good for night riding and the suspension is adequate for me at 80kg. No oil drips or the like and the engine seems as good as the day it was delivered. The luggage pod on the back is excellent with so much room in it that mine has stuff in it I don't need. It will also easily hold a couple of bottles of wine. The wind protectors for the hands have proved themselves to be fantastic in a Blue Mountains Winter despite my sneers when I first bought it in summer.

    In conclusion the Arqin Sprint 125 is excellent value for money. It is a no fuss workhorse with hints of personality that endear you to it before you know it. I want to trade up to a Bonnieville, but I really like my Arquin 125.
  14. Nice review there aceraceracer. As a commute I guess you can't go wrong with what you've got. Why not hold onto it as a commuter and get yourself a Bonneville as well, or is that what you're intending on doing?

    My missus had a 125 scooter that I used as a commuter and it certainly made a lot more sence than putting a bigger bike or a car through the daily grind, from a financial point of view.