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around vic in 5 days done

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by jasonw, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. BIKE TRIP 2007
    Day1 started at Vince and Cheryl’s house in Fish creek, Ronny rocked up at 8 followed by Tim and Kim at 8.30. We waited until the kids left for school and Grandma’s before heading off to meet some of the others in Meeniyan at 9. Here Harry and Richard joined us. From Meeniyan it was up loves lane through Mirboo nth, Morwell and on to Traralgon. At Kfc car park we met the rest of the riders.
    The total crew were
    Me (Jason) Yamaha MT01
    Vince and Cheryl CBR1000f
    Tim and Kim ZXR1200
    Ron GSXR1000
    Harry FZ6
    Richard Harley Sportster
    Gary Harley Road King
    Wayne Harley Road King
    After a brief introduction and discussion on where we were going it was time to be off, Richard led the way until he and Harry went straight past our turn off (very
    frustrating). We continued on with our plans to head to Maffra, Stratford, Bengworden and on to Bairnsdale where we caught up with Richard and Harry for lunch. On the road between Stratford and Bairnsdale we got a taste of Wayne’s sense of humor. I was riding rear and could see Wayne disappear out of sight in the distance. I was happily cruising along only to find a headlight in my mirror, and being over taken by Wayne again (had us all buggered but quite funny). After lunch we were off again as a full crew through Bruthen and up the Omeo hwy for our next stop at Swifts creek where I had arranged to pick up a couple of friends daughters from school, we waited in the pub until they were ready and by then it was raining. We put both the girls on the Harleys and they absolutely loved it despite getting a bit wet. We dropped the girls of at Omeo and cruised on to Anglers rest for our first night. Here we met up with our support Ute (Andrew and Cath). The cabins were very nice and the meals were beautiful. Tim and Kim ended up sleeping in the lounge due to Wayne and Gary’s (soon to become famous) snoring.

    Day 2 started early with everybody up at a good time, Andrew and Cath were going up the gravel road and going to meet up with us later, after a photo in front of the pub the bikes headed of to Omeo for breakfast (a mega egg and bacon sandwich was way to big after a night on the brews). After breaky we headed up Mount Hotham where we stopped for another photo in the village car park. At the car park I finally got the onboard camera worked out for the run into Harrietville and what a run it was I had an absolute ball on this road. In Harrietville we had our first near miss Wayne, Gary and Ron had pulled over to wait for the rest of the group, they decided there was more shade on the other side of the road and started to cross Ron being last in line didn’t check for cars and just pulled out coming very close to a car pulling on the brakes at the last second, this ear’s him the nickname T-bone. We pushed on and headed through the Tawonga gap road and on to the Ettamoga pub for lunch.
    The Leigh park farm stay at Bundalong was a welcome site as it had a pool and some very nice cabins. At 6.30 the pub bus came to pick us up and we all had a great meal.

    Day 3 started off with a bacon and egg breakfast cooked to perfection by our support crew. Today was always going to be a pretty boring run with lots of straight roads but our trusty crew didn’t let us down as we had a Harley stuck on its side in the mud very early. After a fine meal at the Rising Sun hotel for lunch where we caught up with family and friends, we were lost yet again. Tarnagulla was our next stop as Gary’s Harley battery decided it didn’t want to go any further adding yet further interest to our boring day. The local publican came out on top of Wayne with his wit. After about 2 hours the racv turned up and we were on our way at some rapid speeds. Stawell was our next overnight stay and the motel did us a good deal giving the couples their own rooms. The town hall hotel provided us with a good meal then it was off to the Gift hotel (walking distance to our motel) for some brews, the last of the crew being escorted out by the female bouncer at around 1.15 in the morning.

    Day 4 today Wayne’s loud exhaust drew some attention from the local police with a couple of very slow drive bys as we were filling up. After breaky we headed to Halls gap and up to McKenzie falls where once again we lost Richard, and Tim and Kim has a close encounter with a wallaby. After visiting the falls we headed back to Halls gap to look for Richard but couldn’t find him anywhere, it was decided to leave our number with the local police in case they found him. This time Ron had the onboard camera for the trip to Dunkeld and beyond with some good speeds shown on the footage. We finally caught up with Richard at Hawksdale much to the relief of the group only for me to run out of petrol not long after, thanks to the backup vehicle with a jerry can it was off to The Great ocean road and Apollo bay. At the backpackers Wayne made a new friend a local lad who was mad keen on Harleys and when Wayne let him sit on it and start it we had one happy lad.

    Day 5 our last day, how time flies when your having fun. I got to sample the singles room sleeping habits first hand for the first time for the trip and I must say lucky I was tired, there were some flying blankets through the night directed at the snorers. The run up the Great ocean road was as to be expected, great view and rubbernecks in the way everywhere. Vince got caught passing 5 cars in a row as the front car was an unmarked police car but he was let off with a warning. The group stopped just past the Bells beach turn off and it was decided that we should go that way, not a problem normally but when Vince stalled and Chez was already leaning, the bike dropped in the middle of the road, luckily there was no damage. Tim and Kim rode with the group to Queenscliff then headed off up Geelong road to meet their kids as we got on the ferry to Sorrento. Final goodbyes were said as the group went there various ways home. All had a good time.

    I did a total of 2040 Ks for the trip
    Acommadation for the trip was $130 for 4 nights per person
  2. So good to see people ENJOYING their bikes and the countryside.!

    Well done - many more trips to come?