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Around the world in eighty days.......on a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gobbledegeek, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. OK perhaps not but I'm curious, so please humour me.

    I watched a documentary yesterday about the the recreation of the Peking to Paris race in the early 1900's. It originally ran with cars and the recent recreation used replicas of the original pre-Model T Ford vehicles. I was astounded how they coped with practically one hundred year old motoring technology but also intrigued. Could a bike do it? If so which bike? How much would it cost? What are the logistics? How does one cross the numerous borders? What gear would you need to take? How would document such a trip? Would the media be interested? Could sponsorship be arranged?

    To be perfectly honest, I have in the past thought about taking up a challenge for charity such as the Marathon Des Sable (5 days and 5 marathons in mostly searing heat and desert conditions) but I'm a little too lazy to attain such a high level of fitness and I hate sand between my toes.

    I would like to look into undertaking some bike related challenge for charity and so am looking at many options such as circumnavigate Australia, North to South continental Americas or perhaps something like the Peking to Paris.

    I'd like to throw the suggestion out there and see where it leads.....

  2. Long Way Around and Long Way Down have been done - with some money going to charity :wink:

    If you want to do something similar, start planning, get a video and go - then try and sell the documentary when you get back. Hard to get up-front commitment unless you're a celeb :cry:

    Great post here from a pommy guy who did around Australia https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=44002

    Other overseas touring websites include advrider and horizonsunlimited
  3. I'm guessing they had a few mechanics following :wink:

    As for a bike, good parts back up, smooth for long touring days (so a twin), some off road ability - something like a Honda Transalp, Strom or a KLE500
  4. You would find the older cars had simple mechanic's so much more less likely for anything to go wrong, its a matter of endurance over comfort. I suppose the same may apply to a bike . I wonder how an old Indian or a BSA would cope. Some of the bikes in this link would make an interesting documentary .


    The guy that owns these bikes is into wine and vineyards, Perhaps a vineyards of the world tour would be an idea .
  5. These guys do some interesting things.

    In particular The Rickshaw Rally 4,500km through India on a half horsepower 3 wheeled thing is something I'm keen on.


    or there's The Mongol Rally

    Like The Long Way round - but in a car with a max 1000cc engine or a bike with a max 125cc (postie bikes are perfect) and no backup allowed... :LOL:
  6. Some great links there guys, thanks. I stayed up and read the whole of the Angolan trip post. Very interesting.

    I was aware that most anything worth doing has been done already but I like the idea of retracing steps (only on a bike) or putting a new slant on an old theme appeals to me.
  7. Possibly a league above what you're planning, but www.ultimatejourney.com might have something you could find useful or inspiring.
  8. An understatement at very least but certainly useful, thanks for that.
  9. I haven't seen Long Way Down, but Long Way Around is outstanding. I loved it. They met up with their crew at checkpoints (who helped with paperwork for border crossings etc), but did their whole cross-world ride unassisted.

    Buy it, it's definately worth the watch and will inspire you even more to do something. :)
  10. I think the current world record for circumnavigating the world by motorcycle is something like 16 days or thereabouts (I might be wrong!). But it's kind of unofficial because it involves, err, breaking the law ( :shock: )
    Plus there is no recognised route or rules.
    British guy (name like Sanders? or something). Total nutter.
    If I can find some details I'll post them up.
  11. Sounds interesting, any links? Not necessarily something I'd consider but interested nonetheless.