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'Around The Bay in a Day 2009'

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GOOSH, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. hey guys, just thought i'd put this up to see who will be doing this... have signed up for this, it will be my first one.. going all out and doing the 210km course.. should be heaps of fun.. well anyways, this topic is also a request for a donation of any amount to help sponsor me. if it is a dollar, its more than someone who doesnt donate.. so if you do, thank you very much...

    if in this current period of time you are finding it a little difficult to part with some coin for a good cause, just remember that the ride doesnt happen till october, so you got some months of saving to do... otherwise, if you come across some money that our lovely PM Kevin Rudd sent out, then you can donate much earlier :D

    well thanks for you time, please visit the following to donate.. cheers goosh


  2. Damn, 210km :shock:

    I want to do it as well but was thinking of the 50km ride.

    I have a really sore hip at the moment so the thought of it is hurting.

    I really want to get back on the bike as the fitness levels have gone from low to in the negatives :( Bloody work :mad:

    So Between now and then if I manage to get teh fitness up then I might join you Goosh and do the 210km ride.
  3. I'm looking at the 100km option.
  4. Top effort Goosh and team click.

    I'm all signed up for the 100km option. I didn't want to bight off more than I could chew... so I picked the 100km length... but if If I end up being over prepared by the time Oct 18 comes around, I'll know better for next year. :)

    Hey peeps, donate to my cause too!! http://aroundthebayfundraising.com.au/?RobSalvatore ...my profile pic is cornier than Goosh's and that'll just want to make you part with a buck just coz! LOL

    Heya Goosh / Atropos, jump onto BV - they have some recommended training advice for getting yourself ready for your selected distance, it's worth checking it out.

    Goosh, we should hook up for some training rides later in the month mate. I can be team click's groupie. lol
  5. Good move Rob, having a profile pic that makes people feel sorry for you. :p :wink:

    That should get the donations rolling in. :grin:
  6. 210kms queenscliffe option sold out.......
  7. I might join Rob's team then :p
  8. Yeah the M-Q-S-M option always sells out quickly, coz coming back along Beach Rd is a much more pleasant experience that the Geelong road.

    What I want to know is ...... which idiot scheduled this for the MotoGP weekend?
  9. It is pretty much always scheduled on the MotoGP weekend so I have only managed to be free to ride it once.

    I have done the 210 kay Melbourne-Sorrento-Queenscliff-Melbourne route before, and you are right about the boring bit from Geelong-Melbourne. That was a chore of the highest order. Good luck to Robsalv and Goosh. You both do fine.
  10. Well, I'm ready. :)

    I did Altona Meadows to Black rock and back today. 92kms and 3hours 20mins bike time according the cycle computer.

    I took two short respites and a lunch break, so all up, just under 4 hours.

    Legs and body were good after the ride, but my arse was grass. The 210km would see me crying like a new born baby. I think I'm on the hunt for a new saddle.
  11. bet u say that to all the boys :LOL: :LOL:

    ill donate soon :)
  12. and girls... don't forget the girls... :LOL: ...and thanks for the offer to donate - the Smith family kids thank you.
  13. Do you reckon the 90km would be doable on a single speeder?
  14. Froggy, depends on your legs mate. I'm sure there'll be some SS's in the field. The hills to black rock weren't that serious, but I did go down a few gears at times. I'm sure there are some more serious hills down the coast more... maybe jump onto bicycle victoria forum and suss out the opinion.

  15. Good luck, I've sponsored you. I'm looking for the odd donations here and there before the end of the financial year and making a NR work hard for it is my idea of fun :p
  16. Ok, will give them a hoi.

    The purchase of an ss was a gamble at the time I will admit, as the around the bay has been a long held ambition of mine, but the need to pressure myself in obtaining a level of fitness for other reasons has been my number one objective.... so too was the avoiding the ridiculous factor with current road bike prices!

    Most hills aren't more than an inconvenience that a little grinding will get past, but then there are those other hills that make you work HARD. But I don't anticipate a lot of those on a coastal/bay ride. Maybe I also need to ride/drive it.
  17. what is this..... i put up this thread looking for people to donate to me... not to rob (sorry rob) and so far there have been donations to only rob... come on peoples.. where is the love
  18. Oy, I donated to ya Goosh!! - plenty of love from me...

    Thanks for the donations Goz and Morbo - muchly appreciated.

    Froggy, there's plenty of time to join the ride, and still plenty of slots in the 100km section. :)