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Around OZ

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Gary Roberts, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Chasing tips for my adventure in 7 months time. Looking at tips on places to see and places to avoid. Going anti clockwise from CQ. Not worrying about looking around QLD or NSW, but mainly NT/Darwin around through WA to SA and the Great Ocean rd. Never been west before. I will be camping for most and can be self sufficient but will probably use regular camp grounds or caravan parks. I won't be leaving the tarmac apart from maybe a k or two to get to a spot. I'll be on a harley towing a trailer. Good businesses and dealerships, bike friendly accomodation. I'd like to put together a list of potential saviours and must sees and dos that are not part of the usual tourist maps. I have no bookings or plans as such apart from the start and finish date.

  2. Get yourself a book by the Bear, Peter Thoemig, great Australian rides or touring Australia or some such. It'll help heaps.
  3. I have the motorcycle touring atlas. You just reminded me to find it.[DOUBLEPOST=1357187079,1357186065][/DOUBLEPOST]Although he deals with riding roads and things to see. Not so much with places I should avoid.
  4. Off the usual map ?


    South west of wa is beautiful
    Caves rd etc


    Also Katherine gorge in NT ALONG WITH Kakadu of course.

    Kalbarri national park

    Karajini national park in wa. Omg spend time there also.

    Lake argyle in wa just over the border.

    Take the time to head to Alice also (from tenant creek)

    There's loads more !!


    Make sure you're completing your travels through the top end before wet season !!

    Ride esperance's "great ocean road"
  5. Also.

    Across nullarbor national park , when you take a break pull off the road to near the cliffs(anywhere) and look around.

    Don't b surprised if you see whales and babies frolicking.

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  6. well first have you looked at getting a spot gps?

    as far as the GO Road personally I can recommend Lavers Hill, going up through Skenes Creek to Forest instead of through Lorne.

    I do recall a friend telling me of a place in outback SA to NOT stop at, Ill will ask him and let you know!
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  7. Yes a spot is a good idea !!!

    I had heard the same thing as you report "don't stop at x town"

    Truth - some places were rougher than others "tenant creek " for example.

    But common sense applies and you'll be fine.

  8. i would look at some sort of battery eliminator for the spot device personally! great idea otherwise, definitely more viable than hiring a sat phone.

    A friend of mine worked in NT and SA as a DR for a number of years and there was one town he told me dont even stop at not even for petrol, not sure if that has changed but ill catchup with him and let you know which town it was.
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  9. Another thing more so an FYI is your bike under warranty? the reason I ask is i have heard that someone had a harley and towed a trailer (that was small enough for the bike) and the tranny crapped out.

    The kicker is apparently (depending on your warranty) but the poor guy had no warranty as towing the trailer was an out for them!!! They totally blamed towing a trailer and didnt have to warrant the repair work to the transmission because of the warranty clauses.

    I doubt you would have any issues like that but just something to be aware of :)
  10. It's a good thing you're going anti-clockwise.

    It's longer going the other way.

  11. Most of Kakadu is closed the moment it rains. Usually from October until May. Not much to see then. Go and ride through Litchfield Park south of Darwin. It's also free to enter unlike Kakadu.
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  12. I asked my dealer about warranty and they said that funnily enough it didn't affect my warranty. I suspect it will tho. They told me to just remove the bar and take it in. I'm not expecting trouble and I will still have 6 months left on the new bike warranty.
  13. Good to hear a dealer looking after their customers!
  14. On the weather side someone mentioned above.
    If you're travelling in July/August you should be fine.

    I left Melbourne on July 15th and had two wet days over my whole travels !!

  15. Yeah Stu, I was checking you dates today. We'll be within a week either way of your time across the top. I did plan it this way thinking the days won't be that hot,,,,BUT after reading your blog, I'm not so sure....
  16. with a vented jacket it would be bearable, my leather jacket is not vented... although i was tempted to cut some vents in it myself !
  17. Funny that. I have a great vented jacket and was just talking to the missus about getting one for her for this trip instead of taking the leather. We take wet gear anyway and the vented one has a quilted liner if it does get cool at some time. Definately leaning this way.
  18. When exactly are you going....

    What do you expect to see... what do you want to see...

    People talk about going AROUND Australia but what about going down the Centre?

    No one in their right mind would wear leather around Australia... get all season dryriders or something like it.. something soft with armour that fits real well... try every brand you can...

    fcuk the sat phone... just get a good 3G.. if you are dead spots and have trouble there’s always someone on the way past...

    Read some of my links below if you are serious..

    How do you intend to eat, sleep and how much do you plan to spend... how many ks a day can you do?
  19. I have heard that Crystal caves and lake Helier (both in WA) are things you must see. I haven't got around to it myself yet.
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  20. ;-) :happy:
    Leaving July taking 2 months anti clockwise from Central QLD. I realise I won't have time to see much but would like to see as much as I can, if you know what I mean. I'm looking for info as much on what to avoid as well as to see. I'm not going off road/tarmac apart from maybe a km or so to get to a spot. I'm towing a trailer and will be reasonably self sufficient. I have both leather and textile gear and haven't made up my mind yet. I reasonably expect to be able to cover 800k/day at times if needed and have done 1000 in the past. I agree on you phone idea. Cost? As little as possible. :happy: The centre is for another time, this trip is all about going around as close to the coast as possible. Serious. The holidays are booked, the tow bar fitted, all the gear sorted, the trailer fitted out and a shake down trip is in the very near future. I'm after ideas, researching the trip so to speak and have had some great ideas thrown at me and will be checking out your links thanks.