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Around Falls Creek - is it sealed???

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Sir Skuffy, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Hey all.

    Need a little bit of assistance as I think I have myself quite lost. I am looking at Google Earch Street View and trying to figure something out.

    LOOP 1.
    Bright - Towonga Gap - Nth up Kiewa Valley hwy - Right on Lockhards Gap Rd - to Omeo Hwy
    This takes you all the way around Falls Creek and into Omeo.
    From Omeo its back to Bright via Mt Hotham
    Q). This appears to be all sealed - am I correct?
    Q). Fuel Stops along the way - are there any?

    LOOP 2.
    Q). Is the road from Falls Creek to Omeo/Bruthen dealed?
    Q). As above - fuel stops?

    Thanks in advance.

    By the way, I think it might be called Bogong High Plains Rd???
  2. Thanks Skuffy, I look forward to hearing about this too! I'd then incorporate a loop for a nice big day run, heading south through the hills to Bairnsdale first, then back north via Mt Beauty and home through Yea and Hurstbridge.
  3. YES YES YES..... OOOHHHHHHH YES.... its Sealed.

    It was completed Easter passed.... :LOL: :cool:

    Ski Season ends Sunday 4th October - who wants to do a loop. :grin:
  4. I don't know Lockhart's Gap Rd, but I know Omeo Hwy is NOT sealed, and last time I saw it (6 years ago) it was pretty challenging dirt, too. Especially in winter.

    As of last January, Bogong High Plains road was being sealed from Falls to Omeo. Dunno if it's finished yet.
  5. Hey Titus.

    The Omeo Hwy is sealed - according to Street View on Google Earth. It shows photo's of the road and it looks sealed the whole way.
  6. It's sealed, used it about 2 years ago to go to Mitta Mitta and back.

    As with all these back roads beware of unsignposted corners that can bite you.
  7. Should have qualified my answer then, as old info, shouldn't I? :LOL:
    (I know someone who turned back on that road some time last year, but obviously things have moved on).
  8. Woohoooo - gonna be a great summer...... :grin:

    Would it not be great to organise our own version of the IOM-TT........ Racing around the Mountain loop.... :cool:
  9. I'm planning something similar for the 2nd weekend in Nov :cool:

    home ->healsville -> mansfield -> bright -> omeo -> bairnesdale -> home
  10. Awesome.... Keep me posted.
  11. That area is my all time favourite riding place - now with Falls Creek to Omea sealed its just pure heaven! Cant wait to try it out

    Hurry up and melt snow

  12. Loop 1
    It's all sealed (across the Lockhart Gap) to MittaMitta.

    ~5k's south of MittaMitta (C543), there's ~34k's of dirt (sometimes rough, sometimes good) to Glen Valley. Tar starts again just a few k's north of the Bogong HP road turn-off.
    Info current as off late July '09
    Fuel: Eskdale/ MittaMitta/Omeo

    Loop 2
    Falls Creek- Bogong HP road-Anglers Rest-Omeo....all sealed.
    Bogong HP road was only recently sealed...was FULL of loose gravel before the snow-season
    Fuel: none (fill up Mt. Beauty/ Omeo)
  13. Hey Skuff, that's good news. I rang the Blue Duck (Angler's Rest) the other day to confirm but got an answering machine.

    The sealing work began early last year and was expected to be finished by the end of 08.

    I've got our annual Bright Ride (Mark 2) organised for later on in the year. Plan is to head down to Bairsndale, Bruthern to Omeo, lunch at the Blue Duck, across Falls Creek to Mt Beauty, Tawonga Gap and into Bright for the night. Then home via Mt. Hotham the next day.

    Looking forward to discovering (really) new roads...
  14. Carefull....

    Hi all,
    High Plains Rd (over the back of Falls) was sealed just before the snow hit, but as previously posted was loose as all s#*t :shock: .
    Word of warning... looks like it is not on your route, but worth mentioning, the bit between the Falls Ck turn off and Mitta IS NOT sealed. (and hopefully won't be anytime soon! :p )
    As Mock said, no fuel between Mt Beauty & Omeo.

    Cheers, Pete.
  15. The Omeo Hwy from Glen Wills to Mitta Mitta is NOT SEALED however the loop that you suggest, Falls crk, Omeo is.
    Omeo to Bruthen is sealed, has been for 40 years.
    Petrol at Mt Beauty, Falls crk, Omeo, Swifts crk, Ensay, Mt Hotham, Mitta.
    Falls crk and Hotham will be expensive and the others close around 5-6pm
    Hope ya don't mind 1mtr deep snow. :LOL:
  16. hi ya skuffy, yep i rode it at easter and to be honest was seriously disappointed with the new section..... You know how i ride on most twisty roads but to be honest this isn't the road to try it on (maybe after a few years, once the road base settles into the road and it's stains) When I rode it i was basically by myself (had lenna following me in the car, but if anything happened it would be hard for her to help me) to me it reminded me of one of my favorite roads (being icy creek) in that it's narrow and most corners are blind......but what i don't like about this road is that it has been finished with the loose white/grey gravel (same colour as the loose gravel on the side of the road, and as traffic drives over the road it will push it into the road base....so maybe because it was so new it was the same colour as the loose stuff, meaning it was impossible to tell what was loose and what was bedded into the road....for me the risk was way to high to push any harder then a learner at the spur :wink:

    Imo i can't get enough of the roads either side of the new section and i would keep the peg dragging to those area :wink:

    Guess i will see over summer then, don't worry I will wave as i pass ya :p

    Cheers stewy

    ps as mock said (as i was the one to let mock know :wink: )
  17. I'm organising an overnighter which will take in the new Falls Creek Road in late Oct. One of the lads tells me that they close off these roads (Omeo to Hotham, Falls Creek etc) to motorcycles during wnter and only open them up to them around Melb Cup weekend.

    I wasn't aware of this and thought that these roads were popular routes for interstaters going to the GP.

    Any of you chasps know for sure?

    I s'pose I could call Omeo police and enquire. But the less that I have to do with those people, the better.
  18. Hey MJT57

    1). Come on the 4Ms ride :)

    2). Uncle Derek drives an undercover ford territory turbo - dark grey. :eek:
  19. Uncle Derek? Doesn't have a Dutch surname by any chance?

    As for the 4Ms ride I can't. Working. In any case, I think that the weekend before is our Bright Ride.