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Around Australia in May (Fuel question)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by macbrowndog, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I have started planning around Australia trip for May, departing Fremantle and going anticlockwise... There are two sections of road where I am not sure on the fuel situation... Norsman to Ceduna (across the Nullabor) and Townville to Mt Isa and then on Tennant Creek. I will be riding a BMW GS1200 solo with luggage and camping equipment.

    I would appreicate any feedback on the fuel situation for these two sections.

  2. Just saw this , not sure which came furst , but full reply here:


    in short, longest fuel distance from my trip was from broome down (310+ KM)

    Every where else is littered with fuel stops, 150 ish KM apart.

    Warning: Dont trust your GPS, I found that even with the latest Maps in my Zumo, several fuel stations listed no longer existed.

    Fuel early and often.

    Also ... grab a hema Motorcycle atlas.


    Lists most towns fuel status, including 24hours ones.

    My #1 rule was fuel up as you ARRIVE into town where possible, makes departure much easier, especially if you end up heading out early (before station opens especially on sat/sun)
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  3. Max distance between roadhouses on the Nullabor is ~200 km. However, there is no guarantee that any given roadhouse will have fuel when you arrive and so it's not a bad idea to be autonomous for twice that distance, just in case. As an example, when I did the trip Madura had only one bowser working out of (ISTR) four. A breakdown on that and anyone unable to make the next stop would have been stuck indefinitely.

    Make sure your bike will run OK on regular unleaded because you probably won't get PULP at most places. My Beemers have all been all right on regular when nothing better has been available.4

    Best to fuel up whenever you can rather than when you must.
  4. +1 to this. I got caught in Sandstone (central WA) which has only one fuel stop. The power was cut in the morning until lunchtime, when we wanted to get going early. In a really small town with no fuel and 150 kms to the next fuel stop, five hours is a long, long, long time.
  5. That's v true.

    You need the breaks anyway so fuel up. Stay hydrated.

    As for fuel quality, if you're goin all the way round you will be forced to use 91 and or OPAL fuel while in NT / WA.

    My speed triple ran fine on all varieties (despite the manual stating 95 only. )

    If this concerns you carry some octane booster and a measure cup( marks on the aides of bottle not easy to read. )
  6. Thanks for the information its has been very helpful...

    Anyone know how many Km you get on a GS1200 (2011 model) I am figuring around 300km on a 20 lt. tank

  7. Good site... I am going to work 300km per tank

  8. I use this site http://www.whereis.com/

    It's pretty simple.....just select "within map view" under "where" and if your after fuel e.g just type it of select the pump icon and just about every fuel point in the country will be shown. You can zoom into steet level and get the address etc as well. Also good for food and accomodation as well.

    With your 300km estimated range you might have a problem between Broome and Port Hedland.......612kms
    Three fuel stops but the furthest distance between fuel stops 287kms.
    Sandfire Roadhouse to Roebuck Plains Road house

    Map here http://goo.gl/maps/wS1zv

    Port Hedland to Karratha.......240kms +/-
    Karratha to Carnarvon.........600kms........3 roadhouses
    Carnarvon to Northhampton........428kms......3 road houses

    Even with my 400km plus range I still take at least 10 litres spare fuel with me as I generally tow a trailer and if I get a head wind I can loose 100km in range.

    Same for the Norseman to Ceduna run....with your fuel range you should be ok. All roadhouses along there advise you not to ride/drive at night.

  9. Whereis provide this info for the Garmin maps in my zumo 660, and you cant trust it.

    Yes, its often right, but it let me down a few times, thinking "oh, there is fuel just up the road" when the fuel station had LONG since closed down.

    This was in FNQ east and NT and WA.

    Yes this is the stretch I mentioned above.

    I DEFINITELY needed extra fuel there.

    When i did my trip, I occy strapped on a Jerry can, but now I have one of these.
    much better

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  10. Thanks for the fuel bladder link Stu. I will invest in one or two of these before we head north.
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  11. The R1200GS has a 24lt tank: 20lt + 4lt reserve, and you should easily get 5lt/100km on a highway cruise, even with all your gear on board. I'd expect 360km before the fuel warning comes on, then 80-90km to dry, but the R1200 fuel sensing strip is notoriously unreliable. I'd strongly suggest that you run the bike to reserve and then see how much you get from it (carry a can of fuel) before it splutters! My R1200RTs with the earlier engine were good for 400km, your HP2 is more powerful and gets better economy.

    The GS is also tuned to run on 91-93 RON fuel.
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  12. I have order a 12lts bladder just to be safe.. much better then carrying a can
  13. Remember that your right wrist is either your friend or your enemy. Gentle riding can squeeze a lot more out of your tank than GPS planned fuel dumps.
  14. I did Brisbane/ Melbourne coastal on the way down and inland on the way returning. Inland was definitely the fastest. I observed that there is a tonne of roo's on the inland route though we didn't see any.
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  16. are you kidding me?

    get on the fricken thing and ride it... load it up and ride it... ride it as different speeds on different days for the whole day... test out all of your equipment...

    usually people like you make posts like this and then we never see them again due to them piking out before hand...

    have a look at this forum.. how many successful tours do you see written up?

    all these posts about going to do this and GOING to do that but very few actually do it... pfft...
  17. Hi all,

    I have setup a blog for those that are interested in my trip around Australia.. Follow the links to follow us on Google Maps and if you are feeling charitable donate to the cancer council on the link

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