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Around Australia in '44 Days' on a speed Tripple

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Hartski, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    A mate of mine is riding around Australia in just 44 days on a speed tripple.

    He started in Broome, Western Australia around 9 days ago and last night crossed into S.A on the other side of the Nullabor.

    He's had a few special mounts made up so he has 3 GoPros attached to his bike and Helmut. He's also rocking a Canon 7D for some more quality shots, after the trip this will cut into a doco. Hes an awesome photographer so you should check out his work and follow his trip '44 Days' through his website.

    He'd love if you met up on the outside of town and rode in with him when he gets in your hood.

    His website is : http://ceon83.tumblr.com/ check it out!


  2. gorgeous photo! i'll have a look later tonight :)
  3. wow, that's gonna be worth a butchers!
  4. Pretty cool. :)

    Interesting choice of bike for the trip, a few folks would balk at the idea of doing such a long tour on a nekkid sportsbike. Best of luck to him! :D

  5. Yeah i spoke to him about that and he has mentioned it in his blog i think.

    He's a crazy kid none the less. Look forward to him getting closer to melbourne hopefully i can head up the great ocean rd the night before and ride back into town with him.
  6. Yeah, that'd be great fun. :)

    Looking at his trip notes he seems to be taking it pretty 'straight ahead' once he crosses the NSW/QLD border. I'm not familiar enough with the roads in this state (yet?) to know if there's a better or more exciting way to go.
  7. Great idea but that website is so difficult to navigate where the hell is day 1 etc?
    The days and dates are all over the shop!!

  8. Click on 'Archive' it will bring up every thing from the start.

    but yeah i agree, the template he has used does not exactly serve him the best purpose.
  9. Done that but still all over the place.