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Around Australia in 28 days

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by oldgrouch, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all..new to site...planning to do around oz in 28 days on goldwing next year...looking for any advice/tips on how to prepare and what time of year to do it..

  2. Wow, I haven't done it on a bike, but sure some have on this forum I believe, good luck.
  3. does that work out at about 580kms a day?!
  4. There was a blog linked a week or so ago where someone is/was doing a round trip in forty-something days.
  5. That one was "44 Days" He started in WA and is in Sydney on Day 20.
  6. Yes it averages at 580km per day. but by doing a few longer days you can still have a couple of rest days. I read some time ago about someone doing it in 30 days a couple of years ago.
  7. This is a dream of mine, though it won't be happening on the R1 or Fireblade, I can assure you that !!!
    Unless time is of the essence, why the rush for 30 days ? Or even 44 for that matter ?
    Australia is such a beautiful, vast country with many sights to take in. Doing such a trip with the opportunity to stop, take pictures & document this epic journey is what it's about.
    Besides, and let's face it - it's the kind of journey a person makes once.
    Best of luck buddy and enjoy your adventure :)
  8. Agree with Nickers but I'm sure you have your reasons. If ever I had the opportunity, which I hope I will someday, I would want to give myself a few months to stick around in areas that I enjoyed.

    Still I suppose we all have commitments and and you fit in what you can or maybe its just a challenge and you want to test yourself - whatever the reason the absolute best of luck with it all and the planning - hope to read a comprehensive account of your travels including all the prep you did.

    As a teaser where do you intend to start from and which direction are you headed?
  9. Seems a little soft riding a Gold Wing don't you think?! Go hard core.. use a superbike and do it in only 2 days. That way you just need a small backpack to carry some small, essential overnight items with you. :D
  10. 15,000 km / 48 hours = 312.5 km/h

    Hmmm. ZX14 supercharged?
  11. Ok, 2.5 days maybe. I guess I should be a little more realistic.

    15000 / 60 = 250km/h

    Easily doable on any litre bike. Hell, you could even do it in 5th gear and still have a whole extra gear for long straight roads. :D
  12. Looks feasible.
  13. Here's another excellent ride report by a couple riding a Goldwing:


    One of the most popular times of year to ride the lap seems to be July and August, since this will be the coolest and driest in Northern Australia. Having said that, it will still be bloody hot so remember to rehydrate on the move with drinks like Gatorade that replace electrolytes as well as water.

    Most dangerous times to ride are dawn and dusk because wildlife such as kangaroos try to cross the road. If you ride the Gulf Developmental Road and Burke Developmental Road, inland of far north Queensland as shown on my map, the road narrows to only one lane width worth of bitumen in numerous parts, meaning you will have to yield to road-trains.

    NB. All of the above info is collected from internet forums, I haven't done the lap myself. Hopefully one day, lol.
  14. Been there several times, may well move there one day. Tassie should be omitted from the lap because the lap is planned around the best time to be riding through Northern Australia, which isn't the best time to be riding Tassie. Tassie warrants its own trip a few months later, many tourists underestimate the time it can take to drive/ride around the entire island. :)
  15. me and the mrs plan to do a trip about australia as well in around two years time all things going right...

    but have a look at a couple of Tours that we've done already... one up the Red Centre and one solo across the Nullarbor...

    the one that we did up through the centre we took a Goldwing :)

    click on the links below
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    Good point!
  17. Challenge: ACCEPTED.
  18. Reason for doing in 28 days is the challenge not to mention that's about all the time off i could get. Fully intend to a much slower lap (like taking several years) in a few years time to actually stop and look and take pics.

    Start/finish point is Caloundra, Sunshine Coast (Qld) and current thinking is heading clockwise and following Highway One all the way.

    Not including tassie on this trip (just did that in feb this year).