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army reserves and fulltime study?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twainharte, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. is there anybody on here that studies fulltime(tafe, uni.) and is in the reserves? is that at all a feasible option?

    any reservists on here?

    suggestions, opinions welcome...


  2. My sister is in the Air Force and is also studying at Uni. If you want to ask her any questions pm me and ill get her to email you.
  3. Im going to point you in THIS thread direction.

    Rest is up to you. Also I know quite a few people in reserves who study, work fulltime.
  4. How old is she? Got any pics? :LOL: :twisted: :p
  5. I would be concerned about Armed forces and studies. My cousins both went through the navy, and are having real problems trying to get civilian jobs now that they have resigned.
  6. animal

    mark, wat type of pics r u after :p
  7. ah, excellent. i'll be watching that.

  8. thanks for the offer.

    check with her first though! :shock:

    i do have a question:

    will she be staying in the reserves or moving into the regular AF or is she in the reserves primarily to assist her financially through her uni?
  9. Depends on the qualification. I worked with a bloke who was an avionics technician and pretty good at it. He worked on an avionics upgrade project and the American company that was doing the upgrade tried to head hunt him for a squillion dollars a year.

    Others have got out and had trouble using their qualifications. Others were worked so hard in their trade that they got jack of it so they had to get out and never wanted to do that stuff again - end result, had to start studying again.

    There is one thing going for them though, anyone with a resume that has military experience on it has a leg up over most others before they start looking at qualifications. Mainly due to basic training experience.