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army interview

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by furrycreature, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. im going to an officer selection board tomorrow and im scared shitless :shock: . i only found out about it yesterday and i have to go to canberra which is about a three hour drive. i was meant to get a letter today telling me what to bring ( i have to wear a suit) but i might be doing a fitness test as well which i havnt been training for. oh crap oh crap. im so nervous. im sort of quiet and don't show emotions much. i got knocked back about 6 months ago because i was too young and female. i dont want to get knocked back again :cry: .ok iv had my cry

    im 18 yay! party at robertson pub saturday night :twisted:

  2. If you sat the same test awhile ago maybe you can find that correspondence with the check list attached ? They will most likely also want to see any reports, certificates etc that you may have obtained.

    Pack your bag & have your suit ready to change into upon arrival so you feel more comfortable during your drive. Once youve sorted that stuff out, including whatever paperwork, then go soak in a bath or something to get your stress levels down.

    Get plenty of rest so youre not fatigued from the journey & allow plenty of time for arrival. Listen to some of your favourite music along the way so the journey doesnt feel so long and keeps you happy.

    Obviously a further change of clothes for fitness test etc, but also plenty of water to rehydrate and some munchies for the travel or lunch may not be a bad idea.

    Just be yourself at interview & fingers crossed you are fitter than what you think as Im sure you have improved since last time :wink:

    All the best.
  3. All the best FC! :wink:
  4. all the best!!! and great advice there....
  5. How did you go?

    Are you going full time or part time?
  6. It is really, really, really important that you post pics of you in your uniform.

    I can't stress how critical this matter is, FC :shock:

  7. For the sake of humanity...DON'T DO IT!!(says the Air Force guy) :LOL:
  8. i got nocked back for another two years because i dont have much leadership experience and i wasnt confident enough :( oh well i might join the reserves.
    does ktulu like a chic in uniform? :wink:
  9. Bummer.
    Did you go through Cadets?
  10. This is where the Army/Ex-Army guys say "then go for the RAAF, they don't require leadership" :LOL:
    Bad luck on the outcome. Remember this though, they are looking for people with tenacity. For some, you have to show that to even get through recruiting. So keep trying. That goes in your favour because it shows you are motivated. It won't guarantee anything, but it helps.
  11. What makes you want to be an officer in the army?
  12. Bugger about the result but maybe better things are ahead that you may not have had to the chance to explore had you started the army life at this time. Look forward, as its always a better direction to go ;)

  13. If by "chic in uniform" you mean "Catherine Bell in J.A.G." then the answer is "Yes, yes, oh god yes, a little to the left. Yeeeeeeah."

    But as a general rule - yes... unless they're in a police uniform and the first time you see them is in your rear-view mirror.