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Army Cadets on NBN

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by j3st3r, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Very much a case of a proud Dad but also a plug for the Army Cadets which may not be for everyone but I have to say has been great for my son. So without further ado, lets go to the video.

    For clarity, my boy is the kid in the floppy hat talking about leadership and part of it being the taking as well as giving of orders.
  2. Good to see!
  3. NBN? Ah, yes, TV station in Newcastle

    I was wondering what the cadets were doing on the national broadband network

    many more boys than enrol could benefit from the discipline and order of cadet training
  4. don't stop there, make military service compulsory for long term unemployed I reckon
  5. Cadets was at the time the most annoying and challenging thing I did at school, and in retrospect the most beneficial and memorable. Taught me to toughen the f* up and get with the program. Highly recommended to any young person.
  6. the problem with the mantra of sending long-term unemployed, etc, into the Army is that the Army doesn't want the hassle of dealing with them. In the most recent national service iteration, the Army was peopled by volunteers who COULD have got a job, but chose the Army as at least a short-term career, and National Service people who were older, more mature, highly quailfied and a huge boost to the Army's strength and resources. Can you imagin the Army wanting to have to re-programme your classic Aussie dole-bludger? Someone would get killed!!
  7. I did cadets with the RAAF (7 Flight - now 307sqdn), was definitely worthwhile!

    Giggle caps ftw, the bivouacs were heaps of fun i can imagine how much fun the army ones would have been.

    Edit -

    Exactly - the last thing we need is to water the professionalism of our army down with knob heads. Some of the grunts we have are pretty bad but at least they passed the minimal standards required to be infantry. Compulsory service would mean a complete lack of entry standards.

    If people are keen to give it a go (as a short term career) without worrying about a return on service they should jump in through the reserves.
  8. Good work that man!. :D

    Thanks for sharing. Good to see.
  9. Good kid, well spoken!

    I was in 22 Flight AIRTC for five years. Without doubt an excellent experience. I learnt self discipline, proper firearms training, some good camping skills and if you carry a clipboard you can walk anywhere and not have to do anything at all for weeks.
  10. Awesome vid mate ! You must be very proud of your son (y)

    AIRTC, No.1 Flight, Surrey Hills, VIC ~ 5yrs.

    As mentioned by others above, further developed my aviation knowledge, discipline, leadership, how to spit polish shoes (;)) and iron my own shirts (yes, at 15yrs +), camps with ARMY/SAS, firearms training, camouflage concealment, lead recruit courses in theory, drill and out in the field.
    Had countless awesome opportunities to stay on Airforce bases (East Sale) during promotion courses, work experience (Central Flying School) and also participate in the AIRTC's 50th Anniversary, at RAAF Fairbairn, ACT.
    Highly recommend this for youngsters keen on developing their interests to levels other than being a Pilot, for example.
    I look back on my days there very fondly and developed lifelong friendships.
  11. Have a special squadron for them rather then mixed in with general recruits, kinda like a national guard but made up of the dole bludgers. I understand what you are saying, I wouldn't want some of those losers defending my country or representing us as peace keepers. Give the the exposure to the hard work and discipline of the army somehow though and use them for a lot of what the general recruits do now when there are emergencies like the floods and bushfires rebuilding etc
  12. How many dole bludgers are there really? I mean, it's not like they get any decent amount of money.

    Bugger it, with such small rotations to deployment and so many mundane, repetitive tasks the soldiers do just to keep themselves occupied the last thing they need are a bunch of people who don't want to be there.