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Army boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Scuzzlebutt, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Hey all,
    I was looking for some paratrooper boots: inside zipper under a flap of leather, over 8 inches high and tougher than standard army boots. I couldn't find any in Australia and overseas models were out of my price range when shipping was included.
    Aussie disposals doesn't have those old school; 1980's, leather army boots any more. Anyone know what the new stuff is like?
    Magnum is the brand. Model in stock is "Interceptor" marked down from $170 to $100. One would assume they are tougher than the old stuff but they seem to be more specialized, so some army boots appear to flexible to be sturdy motorbike boots.



  2. go and have a look at the dainese cafe boot, i reviewed it on these forums in the boots section.
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  3. My son is in the Army, he has bad feet so wears the latest greatest boots for work.

    On the bike he wears Dainese touring boots (not sure the exact 'model'), why because in his opinion they are better.
  4. my grandmother wears them
  5. If you really want the 80's style GP Boots have a look here. (note they are sold as seconds). I have nothing to do with this listing just found it by a search.

    But these boots were pricks of things when new. Take a lot of wearing in. Best to stand in a bucket of hot water with them on then walk around until they dry.

    My concern would be the thick thread may not be comfortable or sit well on the pegs but I am not sure what you are riding at the moment.

    Combat boots have come leaps and bounds since these ones. I just think you might be selling yourself short if you want them as riding boots.
  6. I wear GPs as riding boots. $90 from Aussie Disposals. They aren't the zippy velcro kind though. It takes an extra 32seconds to actually tie your laces. :p

  7. Just curious, how do you lace them ?
    Same as a lace up shoe/boot?
    Or a knot at the bottom and lace up using one end through every hole ?
  8. I understand that bar-lacing is no longer used in the forces - something about support from memory, but I might be wrong...
  9. For the new style boots it is not required but for the old GP's of you need to get a boot off real quick as in cut the lace and open the boot this the best method I reckon
  10. I just lace them normally in standard criss-cross. I usually completely de-lace the top 3 or 4 holes to make it easier to get them on and off. Only takes a few seconds to re-thread them.
  11. Motorcycle boots (good ones) are designed to allow the right movements and adequately protect your foot from the more common kinds of injuries got from falling off a bike. Army boots are just boots. They aren't designed to protect you from bike stacks. The same is true of steel capped work boots. They're pretty useless at protecting your foot or ankle in a bike stack. Are they better than sneakers or thongs? ... Just...
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  12. Again, don't quote me but my understanding is that it was worked out that bar-lacing doesn't provide the same support for the foot as "normal" lacing, and that it was actually causing a lot of injuries to ankles etc that could otherwise have been prevented.
    Boots hardly ever need to be cut off in a hurry, so they decided it was better not to bar-lace.
  13. Disagree fairly strongly with this. I've spent most of my riding (and crashing) life wearing either govt surplus army boots or lace-up Steelblues and have found them to protect my feet and ankles just fine in a variety of stacks. Having recently shelled out a (for me) frightening amount of money on a pair of A* Scouts I had a bit of a play with them in comparison with my last pair of steelies. My findings are pretty much what they've always been when I've done similar ad-hoc comparisons in the past. I concluded that whilst the Scouts provide some impact protection further up my legs than the work boots (obviously, since they're higher), any benefits in protection of my feet and ankles will be marginal at best.

    So, whilst I respect your experience, I think you may be a bit trusting of what the specialist manufacturers are telling you on this one. I'll admit that modern bike boots are better on crash protection than they used to be (20 years ago I'd have put big money on my German paraboots offering considerably more protection than anything short of a full blown moto-X boot), they still don't offer that much for the average bod over carefully chosen non-specialist footwear.

    Flame suit on :D.
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  14. I've always found bike "specific" boots to be bloody useless once you get off the bike, (and you can't ride everywhere, I've tried) I wear Mongrel zip ups, and yes they are steel caps, I find them more comfortable than flying (GPS) boots and they are definately waterproof.

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  15. A bit short for my tastes but I'd see them as OK otherwise. Any practical roadskyroadskyroadsky experience with them?
  16. nothing too serious old mate, had a stupid highside a few years ago and dragged my old pair down the road, was bloody glad I wasn't wearing my old boots at the time though. Lost a bit of leather on the sides and sole but no foot damage.

    Best part though! I bought a new pair and claimed em on my taxes as a work expense .........

    Oh Dog! I feel so glad I confessed that bit....8-[
  17. Thanks all for the posts, I decided to go with the disposals magnum interceptors for a summer boot after all. I didn't get dianese boots cause I was looking for boots that were not so expensive. I was after the paratrooper army boots cause they are built stronger than standard boots and are heaps taller (I don't mind breaking in a pair of boots). Leatherup.com have motorbike boots in my price range that would have been good but I'm not comfortable ordering shoes online yet.
    Been on a couple of rides with the interceptors, they claim they are breathable and water proof!?!!: They are breathable, kept my feet cool on the one warm day we've had lately. Haven't tested them in the wet yet. One point that I'm not happy with is that they don't have that little circular ankle bone protection thingy that motorbike boots have. Other than that I feel they'll do the job.
    Thanks again and happy riding.
  18. Word of warning; I used to wear my Redbak (Mk V - current issue) boots, until I got knocked off my bike. When the guy hit me the bike landed on top of me and the rear brake lever landed on my foot. My foot twisted and fractured under the stress, the army boots provided no support at all. If I was wearing proper riding boots I would have walked away from that crash.

    I'm now wearing the Bates Escalante. Bates make awesome boots for the USMC and they now have a riding collection that are military style and provide ankle protection. Not many people ship them to Aus except for Amazon.com. Which is good because they're the cheapest too!
  19. No, bar lacing was the new boot manufacture's excuse for the eyelets pulling out of the boots. Hence standard civie street lacing was adopted. The support is a myth. Bar lacing offers more support by the wearer being able to lace the boot tighter.
  20. The magnum interceptors broke. The Ziper was fading at the end of the last summer. I wore htem twice this year at the weather was starting to warm;
    The zippers couldn't handle a little mistreatment.
    Also the "Breathable/waterproof" mesh isn't water proof at speed. I suspect that at speed the water was turning into vapour allowing to get through the mesh.