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Armstrongs vs HART where to do my L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by siri, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. hi all, ive been floating around here for awhile and am about to take the plunge but before i do would be interested in peoples thoughts on the learner courses offered by Armstrongs and HART.

    my understanding is that Armstrongs is a 1 day course compared to the 2 day course at HART. when i spoke to the people at Armstrongs they said thier course is more practical with more hours spent on the bike and that they often get people from HART re doing there tests there.

    my riding experience extends only as far as yesterday when after getting my dads old 1976 ts185 serviced i got it into first and went in a circle on our drive way. other then that i haven't even driven a manual car before so i'm very new to this.

    So thanks all i hope you can share your experiences and hopefully some day soon i'll be joining you all for coffee :)

  2. My wife and I both did the 2 day course with HART and found it to be pretty good, My wifes riding experience was limited to crashing my MXer within 5 meters and giving up, but she passed with flying colours and left with enough confidence to get out on the road.

    Haven't been to Armstrongs so can't comment on them,

    Good luck.
  3. Another vote for HART here; although i have been looking around for somewhere cheaper to do my license test. Im not sure if Armstrongs is any cheaper but the experience i gained from the 2 day course at HART (aswell as the try-it day i did before that) was well worth the money.
  4. Hi Siri....l did the 2 day course at Hart and l had never been on a bike before, well maybe once or twice when l was about 14, but had no idea when l went for my L's, and l cant reccomend them high enough, It is well worth doing. I cant comment on Armstrongs, but when your on the road and ready to ride, yell out as lm not that far from you.

    Best of luck with whatever you choose.

  5. thanks for all the opinions so far guys :) i'll have to look a bit further into MTA. i have to admit though i liked the idea of doing the course closer to home and the Armstrongs course is very handy for me.

    R1_lover i'll keep in touch as things progress :)

  6. I was thinking about going to MTA for my test, but I thinking I'll stick to HART. MTA is $220 (including licence issue fee, if using netrider discount) and HART is $230 on weekday. I'd pay that $10 for its good rep, and I did my Ls with them so I might as well stick out to the end.

    I have to admit though, I might've gone to MTA since I like how they use VTRs for the courses :)
  7. have a look into a mob call STAY UP RIGHT as well there not bad mate.
  8. Hey siri,

    Good news on wanting to join the two wheeled community.

    I did my learners with Stay Upright and they were pretty good, my licence with Armstrongs and they were great with me, but must admit during our testing stage they did turn a blind eye to a young lady dropping her bike well going through an emergency stop (well I guess she stopped) and I just couldn’t help thinking at the time, hope she’s ok when she gets on the road,

    take care and hope to meet you on a ride on day.
  9. thanks everyone for the comments and advice. well i've decided to go to a try it session at hart so after that i'll decided which one of the choices i'll go with
  10. That's alright for people who live up woop woop.............. you need a bloody packed lunch and a passport to go out that far. :twisted:
  11. Ive heard, and this is just hearsay, the HART are pretty rough and ready.

    I went thru Armstrongs (P's course) and they were great. The instuctors were very, very experienced.
  12. I vote for MTA as well.

    I did the two day course - Introduction to Riding on the Saturday, and then the Learner's Permit course on the Sunday. Not mandatory though.

    The intro is more for people who haven't been around bikes and who don't really know how they work...., hence the reason I did the two days.