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Armoured Textile Pants.....your choice??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Rogues, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Since this was brought up in another topic I thought might as well ask....
    am looking at getting something a bit better than Draggins and am looking at textiles.........any recommendations based on experience.??

    Whos been wearing R?Jays....Rivet...DriRider ect.....which has got the best armour...?? I notice some have CE Approved knee armour and others dont.

    Your educated opinion..??
  2. the best is probably tiger angel element pants. armoured goretex so they are waterproof as well.
  3. I've have a pair of Dri Rider Summit 2 pants, had them for two and a half years and still going strong. Fairly waterproof and definitly warm. Comes with zip out removable liner and CE armour.

    When buying these type of pants make sure you buy one size bigger than normal.
  4. +1

    Mine are a size bigger and I can wear my normal pants underneath, so when I get to work I can just take the textiles off and wallah!

    I normally wear draggins for my commute, but since it's winter now the draggins are too cold for me. Mine are IXON and have CE approved armour in them, they're bulky as, but they feel safer than draggins to me. I can't wear them when it's hot though.

  5. I do miss the "approximate price list" on TA's site.

    I suppose it's not that bad, but I've been procrastinating a lot about sending them my measurements and saying, "Can you quote me for the Newcat jacket, the Lynx Sprint suit, an Element suit, a Guardian suit, and...". I just wanna know their relative prices, yannow? :)
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  7. I would assume it's not, because the price list the site links to is this:

  8. Fair enough it's probably about 6 months old then so increase it by half of the inflation rate and use it for:
  9. Waterproof or not? No, waterproof pants are NOT suitable for use in hot conditions, breathable or not (unless you really love saunas).
    Not that many non-waterproof armoured textile pants on the market, actually.
  10. mine work OK in the heat if I have skins underneath
  11. +1 for the Tiger Angel gear.

    I have the Element Jacket and Pants and have been warm and dry for the last month here in our nations capital, despite some pretty ordinary temps and rainfall. On a 25 min commute, all I have underneath is a t-shirt and shorts and it's warm enough to be comfy. Rain hasn't been an issue at all either.

    I occasionally wear my Draggins but I reckon the knee/shin and hip armour in the TA pants would probably pay off if the worst happens.

    That said, looks like I'm off to Queensland next year so might have to look around for some vented/mesh gear!
  12. :roll: Maybe its just me..........maybe I'm just expecting more help from you guys.....maybe I didnt explain myself :?
    I run the Oxley regularly and I'm tending to think I'm scratchin up there just a little underdone in the protection department.
    I'm looking for winter/ summer pants with armour not necessarily waterproof (I've got rain pants )......in general the common brands are as above......I assume somebody is riding with textile armour on or has some educated opinion due to their own research prior to buying.......... :shock:
    OK- TA is up there...pretty pricey but................any more ideas

  13. Have a look at the IXON range of black cordura textile riding pants. They have thick armor in them also
  14. I've got a pair of DriRider Nordic Pro pants. They have armour and a removable lining. Very warm and comfortable. Very happy with them so far.
  15. Maybe check out the range from BMW. http://www.motorcycles.bmw.com.au/
  16. From what I've read elsewhere, Dri Rider seems to be hit and miss. Some people have had them for years with no drama, and others have had them fall apart in the first week.

    I've got the Dri Rider Nordic Pro Pants. I've only had them two months but have had problems with the winter (inner) lining. The straps at the bottom of the leg snapped within the first week and I noticed last week that the stitching in the crotch has started to shred the quilted material. Although it's only the inside liner, it makes me wonder how the outside will hold up in the case of a slide.

    Can't decide whether to try returning it (in which case, the replacement will probably do the same thing) or asking the wife to do a stitch up job.

    Got the pants or $150 (I think RRP is $250), but that was because I bought a bike at the same time :p
  17. Has anyone tried BMW's City Trousers?
    I think that's what they're called.

    I have a pair of the cargo style ones and they're awesome. Armour covering the knees and top of the leg and armour on either side of the hip bones.
  18. a bit off topic

    Hey all,

    Got some 1000D Codura delivered the other day, just test sizes, I want to put a double layer inside my bikersgearaustralia.com.au codura pants. Just to test the durability, i used my biggest sharpest knife and tried cutting the crap out of it. To my suprise I could not cut it, sure it made marks, but would not cut through, I wasn't sure about the strength in my pants( 600d) but now feel a bit better, probably will still get a layer of 1000d sewn in for extra piece of mind though.


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