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Armoured leather jacket for a fat git

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, May 2, 2005.

  1. Can anyone recommend what jackets I should be looking at for someone of the round and cuddly variety? (Damn you beer and your expansive properties :LOL: )

    I'm looking for an armoured leather jacket at waist or slightly lower then waist length.

    I'm also considering a back protector at the moment (been told the UFO ones are good). I presume this would just be worn under a jacket, armoured or not?

    Edit: Also, does such a thing exist as a protective shirt? For my commuting I'll have to wear a business shirt (probably with a leather waist coat for kidney protection in the cold) but was wondering if anyone made something that will hold you together a bit, keep you warm and maybe have a little abrasion resistance for touring.
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  3. You could always look at a custom fit jacket. We (Underdog Leathers) are putting together another order as we speak. We also have back protectors in stock.
  4. I do believe i saw Kevlar shirts a few months ago. Basically the shirt was a woven kevlar long sleeve shirt. Don't know if this is the sort of thing you were referring too or not??

  5. Draggin do a 100% kevlar long sleeved shirt. It looks a bit like a knitted jumper. Don't know how warm it would be, or whether I'd like to rely on it if I came off.

    Why can't you just wear your jacket over the business shirt when commuting??
  6. For commuting I would just wear a jacket over the shirt. I'm more thinking for longer distance riding. I'll have a look at that kevlar shirt thing, see if one might be worth while or not.
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  8. Yeah Tanya that's a bit what I was looking at. Maybe a little hardcore (would be handy if I got a dirt bike too me thinks) and probably rather expensive as well but it comes down to what you'd rather be wearing when you're 8 ft in the air right after the highside :p

    Might see if I can hunt up a price for one but I think I'll probably still get a jacket first.

    Edit: Hehe. One of my co-workers suggested chainmail. It'd be damn heavy and I'm dubious about the protection but DAMN if the sparks wouldn't look cool :LOL:
  9. For larger riding gear try Torrini Leathers in Port Melbourne, They carry stock up to 8XL and can make to order.
  10. 8XL would be good. I could bring along friends :D
  11. We've got a mate who uses the dainese armour, he's crashed twice now wearing it, and it's worked well :) it's a slightly different version, and he loves it :)

    I've also got an underdog jacket, it's ok, but it took 12weeks to be delivered, and wasn't made how I asked it to be done.
  12. go to MARS Leathers in Elizabeth St. Melbourne.

    they have import leathers ready made like most (which are your standard paki leathers being sold everywhere under different labels)

    BUT they also do make to measure, any shape/size. I had a new jacket made to measure, style of my choice, and full 3 year warranty.

    Im very happy with the jacket, its fit and the quality.