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armour plastic or foam

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by cotso, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Gday All. Just wundering what views you have on jacket and pant protection. I have full leathers AGV sport Classic leathers with the high density foam padding.been thinking of replacing the foam with plastic gear. They fit very snug but cumfy and am happy with them, but just thinking of the what ifs if i do come off as to how the foam stands up.

  2. If I was confident that my leathers will stand up to the abrassion, I'd rather land on soft foam than hard plastic.
    My textile pants have soft foam hip armour and I'm more than happy with that. We recently had a small off and I had no bruising or damage what so ever to my hip.
    My Jackets have foam lined hard plastic armour in the shoulders and forearms. My next jacket will only have soft armour I think. (maybe)
  3. both my jackets (one leather, one mesh) have plastic shoulder and elbow armour and foam back pads, and the only off I've had was very low speed, so my experience wouldn't be of much use to you.
    though i do have a bit of a theory that it's not so much what armour you have, but more what you do when you hit the ground, eg go limp and just slide rather than trying to stop yourself or standing up.
    in saying that though, NOTHING will help with a crush impact, they're the ones that mess you up
  4. plastic will help make shure that the body doesnt move in ways its not meant to. thats what there designed for, foam is just a cushion of sorts.
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  6. ermmmm no, no it won't. unless you're talking about POD knee braces and the like, which are designed to stop movement in certain directions. no plastic plate armour will stop any movement
  7. i have forcefield stuff but find it bulky; and the back pad is a bit heavy.

    i have knox stuff which i prefer, for comfort and weight and flexibilty. but it's ce1 rated as comp to the forcefield ce2. it is dirt cheap though. can buy direct on-line but cheaper to buy from the USA site than the UK site. http://stores.knoxarmorusa.com/Categories.bok?category=KNOX%3AKNOX+INSIDE

    for plastic armour the bionic 2 range from A* is quite slimline. i have some of that stuff too. the latest icon range plastic armour incorporates D30. i don't have any of that stuff.

    but still, i do have a lot of stuff. i like Knox best.

    theres too many types and brands to mention. the D30 stuff is all the rage now, IF you can find anyone, anywhere with any left in stock. (buy shares now!, dow corning i think?) Klim is the only brand i know of to have theirs rated ce2.

    comfort is the key. if not comfortable you ride crap
  8. dual density foam is a 1 crash/impact protection. once it compressed its no longer effective. Most foam armour isn't preshaped so it fits flat and can be uncomfortable/hard/bulky

    Personally i like rubber/pu (there is a special name for it but i cant remember) this type of armour its premoulded which is very comfortable, soft/dense, light weight & not bulky. The armour can bend

    Plastic armour is larger / premoulded but can be a little bulky, its light weight/comfortable. The plastic keeps the armour sturdy/straight, generally its a high density foam under the plastic. If your riding around rough terrain then it can protect from sharp objects stabbing into you (more for dirt bike / cross country riders).

    You need to make sure your agv pockets are big enough aswell.
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  10. I reckon the foam in pants is ok, especially for comfort. But reckon in the jacket it's worth looking at a slip in to replace the foam. I have an AStars bionic air from Bike Biz and it's good - light and pretty slim and flexible. I also got a Forcefield slip in which is CE2 rated - so thicker and heavier but high safety. And I have a Knox slip in and its the lightest and slimmest of all of them and I think for the price (about $25) isn't a bad investment. Apart from that, unless your going to the extreme, the shoulder, elbow and knee stuff as long as it's CE and your gear fits you properly there isn't much more you can do.