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Armour or Leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by cygnus, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. So, after my recent off, I decided that I should invest in more protection. In another thread, I was recommended the Thor Static knee guards. I was also considering the Dainese Knee 05. Does anyone know if the Dainese knee guards are CE approved? I'm also looking for some hip protection, and found the Dainese Pro Shorts. Again, does anyone know if they're CE approved? Anyone here wear any other hip protection? General opinion? Are they worth it or should I just get leather with built in knee and hip protection?

    Also, what's the general opinion on back and neck protection? Are they worth it? Or should I just get leather and have the back protector built in? I'm looking at Dainese Gilet Wave Neck Safety Vest, which is around the $500 mark.

    It's all very confusing at the moment. If I bought all the armour, it would probably amount to $700-800, which then makes me wonder if I should get leather, but then leather at that sort of price range probably don't have as much impact protection?

    Thanks guys.
  2. i wear a back protector on sporty rides.....anything that might help keep me out of a wheelchair is worth a try...as for knee guard etc....i have thought about it under draggin's but generally when i ride in draggins it's slower speed stuff, so don't worry about it.....faster rides always leathers :D so guess i am trying to say for twisty riding imo get leathers for commuting well guess it up to you to assess the risk for yourself and figure out what you deem suitable for the risks, so commute in leather too, for me it's to much of a pain in the ass.

  3. Just picked up my Shift Redline Leather pants fully armored and very comfortable to go with my Shift Jacket(SR-1) which I've had for a while . I'd suggest going a two piece leather set.Then you have some flexibility in what you want to do. The jeans are as Stewy said a lot more versatile then leathers(but protection is no comparison), I'm in the same boat I'll stick to the jeans on the local rides and when I'm not considering to push myself( or if i need to do a lot of walking where ever im heading). And use the leathers for longer rides or when i want to put them on for the short rides.
  4. Just to chime in on the subject of knee armour in Draggins, I tend to think it won't stay in place and will therefore be of limited use for the knees.

    However, having had a stack whilst wearing Draggin Chinos, and sliding a good distance feet first, the chino legs rode up, leaving me with decent gravel rash on my calves. Afterwards it occurred to me that the way the Draggin knee armour extends downwards to cover the shin may have helped hold the trouser legs in place had I had it in.

    Or not. The hip armour worked well though.

    Overall, given a decision to make between the two, I'd probably go for armoured textiles rather than unarmoured leather, but seeing as most of the easily available leather gear now has provision for armour, it's no longer an either or choice, is it?
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  6. Those prices aren't at all bad compared to market standards!

    As far as torso and legs, I just wear a leather jacket and Draggins K-Legs (except for commuting around the Carlton and the CBD, where it's just the jacket, depending on the heat). I often think for rides where I fully gear up (most things beyond there), that back and shoulder protection might save me some severe regrets - it's available, why not use it? Of course, so are neck braces, wrist braces, inflatable jackets...where does one stop? When one looks like the Ghost Busters marshmellow monster, being so wrapped in cotton balls? But the basic armour which currently is popular - back, shoulders - which defines "atgatt" (that moralistic and yet changing fashion) looks like a sensible compromise....

    You could get Draggins K-legs and K-shirt and wear armour over them. Would be easy to slip them off at a stop on a hot day, and possibly cooler than leathers. I've never owned leathers beyond loose Brando and bomber jackets, but I suspect there's a heat issue with them, making Kevlar and textiles better? Others can say more than me on that, but I can tell you the K-legs are cooler than the dri-rider mesh pants I owned! You can't easily slip the bottom half off, so it matters and is worth considering, as you want to make your protective gear as comfortable as possible, or it'll be more tempting to ride without it in the heat.
  7. I just got one of the EVS-BJ22-Ultra-Ballistic-Jerseys- from Motorcycle Giant in the US. Total cost was AUD$203.99 delivered.

    I got the 4XL phat bastard size with kidney belt built in. It fits well and kept me reasonably cool on a recent 35 degree day in Adelaide. I wore it over a t-shirt and under a Dririder mesh jacket. Forearms and gut were a bit warm till I undid the kidney belt and opened the Dririder cuffs to allow air flow up the arms.

    Mind you, it does feel a bit 'Darth Vaderish' as you go down the road and you do tend to hum the Star Wars theme through the twisties.
  8. I have had knee armour under the draggins for over a year now and I do have one thought on this setup which is that, when you go walking in the shops with them on the knee armour rubs and generates heat on your knees after a while. Other than that, the knee armour gives me some peace of mind whilst riding.
  9. So, in general, what do people think of the Dainese vs Icon vs Thor in terms of quality for impact protection? Icon and Dainese protectors seem to cost about the same and both a bit more than Thor. Are they better / worth the extra money or will I just be paying for the brand name? From various other posts, it seems like Dainese > Icon > Thor ?
  10. I have always found the quality, suppleness and over all fit of the the Dainese leather superior to all others. Though this may be different for other people.
  11. Don't be afraid of heat, during summer Brisbane weather I have a special ability to wear full leather suit and riding down to the shops. By the time i got there i was sweating bullets other people around the outside of the shopping centre was staring at me like i was nuts. I purchased a bottle of water and the lady at the counter said.. i feel hot just looking at you. I met my friends and they said I was crazy for wearing leathers in 35+ degree's temp. But I have been down on a bike around 60 - 70kmhrs before and its no fun what saved me was a my leathers not a bump or scratch on my leg or body.