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Armour Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Can anyone recommend one? What are they like to wear under leathers?

    Is it worth getting a full jacket as apposed to just a back protector? Would shoulder/elbow parts fit in most jackets?

    I'd like one with Back/Kidney/shoulder/elbow protection like the Knox, Dainese or Alpinestars ones. Definitely not looking for something practical for commuting, just for track and <ahem> spirited riding.
  2. cant you just use the stuff in your jacket supplemented by a good quality back protector and kidney belt? :)
  3. It all depends on money as this will dictate what you can afford to buy
    Personally I have armour built into my leather jacket that I wear every day.This armour is rubber based to absorb shock, will stop my back from arching to far and has a rubber stopper on the back so my neck cant nend to far back.
    It was a bit uncomfortable for a while but over time it adapted to my shape.
    I am not in favour of plastic armour as plastic breaks then it no longer offers any protection also it cannot mould to your shape.
    Then again some protection is better than no protection at all.
    If money is an issue some places do sell second hand jackets
    Then you can go to Mars leathers in Elizabeth St with a plain jacket and they can add in anything you want.
  4. that's what I'm thinking. Just wanted to know if it was practical to get the enhanced protection (hard moulded plastic vs CE foam)
  5. Having a look at my tiger angel armour, it should be sufficient - I'll go with the back protector and kidney belt.
  6. CE Foam stops impact...

    Hard Moulded stops impact and stops your back bending the wrong way... (can you believe this was invented by Barry Sheen!?!) ...

    CE Foam is better than nothing by a long shot....

    Hard Moulded is better than anything else...
  7. out of old visors if I remember correctly?
  8. Yeah he designed it using visors. The principle being that it allowed his back to arch/bend forward but it would resist arching/bending backwards. He designed it and then Dainese picked it up and manufactured it for the masses.

    He talks about it briefly on the 'faster' DVD. i LOVE that DVD!! That short clip of Mc Coy coming into the corner, smoking it up, sliding sideways, then grippiung and exiting the corner on one wheel. AWESOME!
  9. I bought a set of second-hand Dainese upper body armour, which I wear under my winter gear. It works really well together with the soft armour in the jacket. Quite comfortable, too. Unfortunately it doesn't fit under my leather (but that has its own armour).
    They all seem to work on the same principle, but some are more comfortable than others, and some seem to have better designed back protectors.